‘You could barely see over the counter’: Tiger Woods’ very first coach recalls ‘perfect’ encounter when he was introduced to golfing legend


Tiger Woods is the man responsible for changing the world of golf. The golfing legend began his professional golf journey when he was just a teenager. But did you know how Tiger Woods met his very first coach? And that he was just a child? Woods’ first golf coach was on a podcast recently and shared the untold story with fans.

Tiger Woods met his first coach as a child


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The golf pro had learned to play golf with his father Earl Woods. The two used to practice the game for hours on end almost every day with limited equipment. Soon, Sr. Woods began looking for a professional trainer for her son. Woods was only four years old.

Golf – The 150th Open Championship – Old Course, St Andrews, Scotland, Britain – July 12, 2022, Tiger Woods of the U.S. during practice REUTERS/Paul Childs

The first person to coach the golf ace was Rudy Duran, who interestingly met Woods. Duran was on an episode of the Bunkered Podcast, where he revealed how he first met Woods. “Well, Tida and Earl Woods were looking for a coach to help Tiger out and they contacted a friend of theirs who was a golf pro but a retired golf pro.” said Durana.

Duran had a successful junior program for golfers and consisted of nine- and 10-year-olds. According to Duran, Woods was the first 4-year-old in his program. He described his first encounter with the player saying he was working in the “pro shop”. “And they brought it in and Tiger could barely see over the counter,” Duran added.

Duran was confused watching the younger Woods and decided to test his skills first. He said, “I played three balls in a rough farm… And he hit those, you want those three perfect tee shots in a row. Immediately after seeing him play, Duran agreed to help Woods with his game.


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When did Woods win his first major championship?

Tiger Woods won the Las Vegas Invitational in 1996, which was his first professional victory. The golfer received $297,000 after the win along with an invite to the 1997 Masters. No one knew it would be the start of a new era in golf as Woods was on the verge of winning his first major championship.

Tiger Woods uses a simple trick to play better on the pitch | Courtesy of Reuters Images

He had won his first professional victory in 1996, and six months later he won the 1997 Masters title. The player has been setting records on the court for 25 years and currently has 15 major victories recorded to his name.
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