Why protesters stuck their hands to a Starbucks counter


Morning business at a Starbucks on Chicago’s Loop was interrupted on June 15 when two men arrived at the counter and quickly stuck their hands there (per Fox32 Chicago). “Stop charging extra for plant-based animal and earth-friendly options,” one shouted in the introduction, apparently referring to Starbucks’ practice of charging more for plant-based milk alternatives only for milk, which has been criticized by many people, including celebrities. Paul McCartney and James Cromwell.

“My cow friends are in pain,” the other said grimly before explaining that dairy cows are forced to milk continuously until the day they are finally slaughtered for meat. Ah! It was therefore not only about extortion in the form of vegan milk supplements, but also about the fate of the American dairy cow. Wrapping the two themes together, the first man went on to explain that Starbucks “encourages” customers to opt for vegan alternatives while charging extra.

“PETA will stick with Starbucks like glue until they decide to drop the vegan supplement,” the first man stressed, finally explaining where the glue got to and just in time for more protesters make their own dramatic entrances, chanting in rhythm and waving signs protesting the mixed message that Starbucks’ milk pricing rubric would appear to hold. Unsurprisingly, law enforcement arrived soon after to arrest the two men, whose hands were released quite easily in response to the freezing water, for criminal trespassing (per NBC Chicago).


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