We need Bharat Jodo to counter BJP’s divide and conquer policy, says Yogendra Yadav


Yogendra Yadav calls for adoption of Dravidian model across the country to counter BJP agenda

Yogendra Yadav calls for adoption of Dravidian model across the country to counter BJP agenda

A campaign like Bharat Jodo (uniting India) yatra is key to countering the ruling BJP government’s conscious attempt to divide and rule India like the British, activist Yogendra Yadav said on Sunday, adding that the initiative brings together political parties and members of various grassroots movements to counter the hegemony of the regime.

“We are not married in Congress. [However] we support this Congress initiative. The country needs Bharat Jodo Yatra,” he said.

“Anyone who confronts the BJP feels alone and there is a need to break the spell to strengthen the hands of those who thwart the regime,” he stressed.

Dravidian model

Talk to The HinduMr Yadav said India was divided on several issues, including religion, especially between Hindus and Muslims, the COVID-19 pandemic, demonetization and issues relating to school uniforms. The ruling party decided to distract people in order to divide and conquer. “We have a central government that opposes constitutional values,” he charged.

The Constitution provides for a balance between the Center and the State. A completely unitary form of government is contrary to the Constitution and the spirit of the freedom movement and also of civilization, he said.

“Federalism is not a threat to the country. India is built on regional identity. Any attempt to turn India into a unitary state will destroy India in the long run,” Yadav said.

DMK’s resurgence is a “bulwark” against BJP progress, he said. The DMK-led government of Tamil Nadu follows the Dravidian model, which was based on regional pride, social justice and deep secularism or rationalism, he stressed, adding that this model should be followed across the country. .

Case against the BJP

The BJP and the RSS tried to achieve unity through uniformity, he charged. “The rule of the land has become the rule of the bulldozer,” he said. During the pandemic, 99% of people in the country have become poorer, but Adani and Ambani have become richer by 14% and 3%, respectively, he pointed out, adding that atrocities against scheduled castes have also increased.

Noting that the number of government jobs has declined, he claimed that this was an indirect way of not following the booking policy. Therefore, it was necessary to create a bridge between political parties and popular movements to counter the hegemony of this regime, he said.

Speaking about the Bilkis Bano case, Mr Yadav said: “How can a civilization look at something like this. It is the degradation of our nation when rapists and murderers are garlanded. Neither the Prime Minister nor the Chief Minister of Gujarat has uttered a word in this regard.

Speaking of the “culture of free”, he said it was a thoughtless and meaningless debate. The ruling class wants loan waivers and concessions but opposes the poor who benefit from welfare programs, he said.

Referring to Prime Minister Narendra Modi calling him ” relived culture”, he said that the only positive outcome of the debate was the North Indian delicacy’ relived‘ becoming popular. He wonders why the Supreme Court prioritized the gift case when it should have prioritized the election bond case.


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