Warzone Expert Reveals Best Modern Warfare Guns To Counter Vanguard’s Meta


The Serpentine Perk was added to Warzone as a way to counter sniper rifles in Season 3 Reloaded, but players have criticized how overpowered it is, calling it “the dumbest perk” the series has ever had.

When the Serpentine Perk was added to Vanguard in Season 3 Reloaded, players saw it as a welcome way to make combat more forgiving. The optional perk reduced damage from incoming bullets, explosives, and shots by 20%.

It eventually made its way to Warzone and immediately started frustrating players. Pretty soon there were calls for Serpentine to be nerfed, especially after the health boost, with many feeling it made the game too difficult.

Now, in Warzone Season 4, players have again called the Serpentine Perk for being too overpowered.

Reddit User beans-lol has kickstarted the discussion by uploading a clip that shows just how effective Serpentine is, even in situations that would normally result in certain death.

The video showed the OP spraying an opponent with a mounted STG44, quickly destroying the opponent’s armor. Although there was no cover nearby and most of the shots hit, the enemy was able to slip away thanks to the Serpentine Perk.

After they were left without armored protection, each successful shot encountered the small snake marker that indicates bullets do 20% less damage than usual. The injured player was able to escape behind a building, leading the OP to call the Perk “crazy”.

Players were quick to call the advantage, with only one response saying, “That’s the dumbest advantage in Hisssss-cod history.” Meanwhile, another user compared the perk to having an extra health pool: “We just call it their second health bar when we see that icon appear.”

Many seemed to support the idea of ​​Serpentine but felt that the amount of damage it absorbs should be reduced: “I wouldn’t mind if it was 5-7%. 20% is ridiculous. Others thought Assault Rifles should instead be given more recoil rather than using a perk to make them less effective.

We’ll have to wait and see if Raven decides to nerf the Serpentine in a future update, but it certainly seems like the community would like to see a change sooner rather than later.

With Reloaded Season 4 coming up, maybe the devs will use this as an opportunity to tweak the perk.

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