US should keep 100,000 troops in Europe to counter Russian threats, officials say


As the Russian-Ukrainian war continues to escalate for more than 80 days now, the United States should keep nearly 100,000 troops in Europe because Russia could intensify its aggression and threaten Sweden and Finland or the allies. the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), US officials. reported. In addition, the number of American soldiers could temporarily increase if NATO conducts more military exercises in the region and if the security situation changes, they added.

According to a CNN report, to help NATO and counter Russian threats, the United States expanded its force deployment in Europe from around 60,000 troops to around 100,000 troops currently after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. . Thousands of American soldiers were sent to the NATO Response Force, which was formed for the first time in NATO history in early spring.

In addition, the proposals were being discussed after the meeting of NATO military chiefs in Brussels on Thursday, officials said. Military leaders will provide their suggestions to NATO defense ministers meeting in June, and NATO leaders, including US President Joe Biden, will meet in Madrid at the end of the month.

Additional US troops deployed to Europe on temporary rotations

Thousands of additional US troops have been deployed to Europe on temporary rotations and more military assets have been sent to the eastern flank to aid eight new NATO battlegroups. Additionally, the United States and NATO partners have provided billions of dollars in military aid to war-torn Ukraine, CNN reported.

The Pentagon recently announced replacement soldiers for these temporary rotations, indicating that the US presence will continue to expand for some time. On May 13, the Pentagon said some 10,500 US military personnel would be sent to Europe in the coming weeks and months to replace forces already stationed there.

US announces additional $100 million security tranche for Kyiv

With Russia’s war in Ukraine not seeing an immediate end, the US Department of Defense (DoD) on Thursday announced an additional security tranche worth $100 million for kyiv. The clearance came as part of the 10th presidential draw of equipment from US DoD inventories, the Pentagon said in a statement. The package is designed to meet the essential supplies kyiv needs to deter nascent Russian aggression in Ukraine.

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