UNCUT GEMS + CASINO + THE CARD COUNTER + 21 + WAKE IN FRIGHT: 5 Best Gambling Movies You’ll Definitely Want To Watch


Every movie you watch is a bet. Depending on your preference, it’s a bet on your time, ticket money or subscription. It’s only when you see a movie that you can decide if it’s worth the resources spent.

Rest assured, however, that the movies we cover in this article are the best offerings in the industry on the subject of gambling. Back when in-house casinos were all the rage, online casinos were still booming. Long before we could go online, and logging into a live casino in Canada, for example, offered a similar experience and social climate to physical casinos, these films took us behind the scenes of the world of gambling, breathtaking gameplay and skillful techniques. That said, here are some of the greatest gaming movies, from older classics to newer bangers.

Uncut Gems

If you know Adam Sandler as a goofy football dad, prepare to see him play Howard “Howie” Ratner, a jeweler in New York City when he wasn’t playing high-stakes sports betting. Uncut Gems mixes sadness and wit, exploring Howie’s financial spiral and his penchant for being affiliated with other sleazy characters in the film.


Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro teamed up again to create Casino in 1995. The duo had conquered the world five years earlier with the Goodfellas. Although Casino hasn’t quite achieved the accolades of their previous work, the film set in Las Vegas is a classic of the gambling genre, chronicling the life and times of a mob-run casino. .

The card counter

Most game movies take the route of skillful gameplay. Not the card counter. Instead, one must explore the psychology of the player and identify why they are playing. Marvel Moon Knight hero Oscar Isaac stars as William Tell, a card-counting ace who learned the art while locked up in a military prison. The film shows the positive sides of the restraint and patience Tell learned from his style of play. It’s hard not to see the magic in films like these, which portray a new perspective on how the game works. .


This movie is set in a time before mixing machines and is based on fact. The story revolves around the lives of six budding mathematicians who have mastered the art of card counting from their math teacher Micky Rosa (Kevin Spacey), once again proving the connection between gambling and math. Rosa grooms her mentees in the art of ultimate blackjack strategy, and all six give the Las Vegas casinos a run for their money. The plot is beautifully woven, taking on a literal sense of “Down the House”.

Wake up in fear

Wake in Fright is easily one of the best classics in the gaming genre, and it’s a shame not many people know about it. Gary Bond plays the role of teacher in Australia, including tan, blond hair and sweat. He finds himself in a small town with more beer than water, with locals stuck in ways as old as the Oregon Trail. Things go from uh-oh to no when he loses a bet, and the spiral begins until you feel shivers down your spine.


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