Ukraine urges world to provide air defense systems and missiles to counter Russian offensive


As the brutal war in Eastern Europe continues to escalate unabated, Ukraine has urged the world to provide air defense and missiles as soon as possible to counter Russian aggression. In a statement, Olena Moshenets, People’s Deputy of Ukraine, said weapons must be provided in adequate quantities without any bureaucracy to ensure security and loss prevention not only in Ukraine but throughout Europe. “Our Western partners should not question the need for arms supplies,” she added.

Moshenets also thanked Ukrainian partners for continuing to support the war-torn country with the supply of modern armaments. “Sincere thanks to all our international partners who, after signing a joint declaration on the urgent need to modernize the air defense of Ukraine, continue to support the military and civil defense of Ukraine to protect airspace and stop the movement of enemy equipment into Ukraine,” she said. . Moshenets also claimed that Russian troops have so far destroyed more than 18,000 infrastructure, including hospitals, schools, kindergartens, homes and many other buildings in Ukraine.

Ukraine hails US for approving law to provide expedited assistance to Kyiv

Additionally, the Moshenets also hailed US President Joe Biden for approving a ‘Land Lease and Protection of Democracy in Ukraine’ law which aims to implement the expedited assistance program to the war-torn country. . “This program will be implemented not only by the United States, but also by the main NATO allies. And the supply of weapons under this program will go beyond the current supply of anti-tank missiles and light anti-aircraft, including medium and long-range air defense systems, mobile artillery and military drones,” she said. The Ukrainian leader also applauded the country’s armed forces for their relentless resistance to the Russian aggression and also paid tribute to fallen soldiers.

The ongoing war will inevitably lead to a major global food crisis: Ukraine

The Moshenets also accused Russian forces of continuing to launch multiple rocket launchers in Saltiv and Oleksiy districts of Kharkiv, saying “the enemy’s main objective is to maintain the already occupied borders”. She further stated that neither Ukraine nor the world needs this war, as it will inevitably lead to a major global food crisis, given that Ukraine and Russia are major food exporters, including including wheat. “We will be able to stop the aggressor with the help of arms, bring our victory and the victory of the whole democratic world closer in the fight against terrorism and tyranny,” the People’s Deputy of Ukraine remarked.

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