This Reddit post shows a way to counter the “Not all men” argument


The fact that we’re still in the process of explaining why the phrase “not all men” is offensive says a lot about our collective intelligence.

Really, what exactly don’t people understand? Most men are scary, and when you don’t know someone personally, it’s hard to tell if they’re scary or not. So you keep your distance, assuming they are because… most men are scary.

The fact that it is incomprehensible is infuriating. And most often the arguments against this come from the “smarter” sex – male. Funny.

Anyway, here’s something that should put things into perspective.

See? If you don’t know which orange in the bowl is poisoned, you won’t eat it.

“Oh, but the poison could literally kill you.” Yes, men too.

There is absolutely no need to get dramatic with phrases like “men are garbage”. Also, the expectation that we add “some” before this sentence is an affirmation. This is also factually incorrect.

As I said “most” before, which as someone who literally has to step out of the house to deal with harassment in one way or another, I won’t add anything.

There are bigger issues to discuss than the phrasing of these sentences which is correct anyway. Take that attitude down a few notches, please.


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