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Former Minister Shabbir Ali strongly retorted to Komatireddy Rajagopal’s comments. He accused of changing parties for selfish interests. He said he was asked to give PCC..Annaiah Komatireddy told him not to give the job to Venkat Reddy. He said that if Revanth Reddy did not have the post of CCP leader, Rajagopal Reddy asked him to give it to him. He said that when he came to his house, he asked him to make a proposal about it.

Rajagopal Reddy, who is an entrepreneur, has debts of millions as a defaulter. This is why Rajagopal Reddy met Amit Shah. Shabbir Ali wondered if the one who had won the title of MP earlier had gone there to solve the problems faced daily by the inhabitants of the constituency. He filed if he remembered the development before all those years ago. He said Rajagopal does not have the level to criticize the Congress party and the CCP leader. He said Congress party workers would give him proper advice soon.

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