S1 E8, “The Counter-Secret Police Coverage Operation”


The following contains spoilers for Spy x Family Episode 8, “The Counter-Secret Police Cover Operation,” now streaming on Crunchyroll

The day begins normally for the Forger family, with Anya going to school and her father Loid, aka Twilight, meeting his superior officer for coffee to update him on his “daughter’s” progress. During the meeting, Loid learns that one of their informants at City Hall has been compromised, and his superior tells him to beware of enemy spies. At City Hall, a man named Jim Hayward is arrested by State Security Service agents on suspicion of being a spy.

Jim’s arrest is assisted by a City Hall staff member, who then discusses Jim’s questionable activities with Yor and another co-worker in the break room. Shortly after, their colleague Camilla arrives to tell Yor that she has been informed of her husband’s existence and that her younger brother Yuri is also unaware of her marriage. Yor claims to have forgotten to tell Yuri about her husband, which his co-workers find odd considering they’ve been married for a year. Yor then learns that Yuri will be calling for a visit and immediately panics when she realizes she hasn’t given him her new phone number and address.

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In an interrogation room, one of the State Security Service agents questions Jim about the files he leaked from City Hall and sold to an undisclosed individual. Jim refuses to answer the officer’s questions and doesn’t get very far before another officer arrives to continue the questioning. he is revealed to be Yor’s younger brother, Yuri. During the interrogation, Yuri reveals that his sister is also employed at City Hall and wants to end the interrogation early so he can meet his new family. He then provides Jim with pictorial evidence of his secret dealings, which forces him to confess the nature of his business. Yuri wants to know if the person Jim is selling information to goes by the alias Twilight and immediately attacks him for his acts of betrayal, believing he will do whatever it takes to protect his nation.

At the Forger family home, Yor informs Loid that his brother will come to congratulate them on their marriage and the couple quickly prepare for his arrival. Loid even goes the extra mile to outfit the house so they look like a real family. En route to his sister’s house, Yuri expresses both excitement and concern about Yor’s new family, fearing that she might have married someone of questionable character if it took her a year. to tell her about her husband. Yuri reaffirms his position of eliminating all threats from the country, even if it means eliminating his sister’s husband.

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When Yuri arrives at the Forger family home, Loid also considers the possibility that Yuri is an enemy and must be careful not to let anything slip around him to avoid sabotaging his own mission. After their final meeting, Yuri and Loid pledge to learn as much about each other as possible in order to assess the danger they pose to their individual goals. You yourself also decide to play the role of the loving wife in the presence of her brother so that she does not reveal the fact that she is an assassin. Yuri also remembers behaving like a civil servant with his sister to hide the fact that he is a State Security Service officer.

Getting straight to business, Yuri asks her sister why she kept her marriage a secret. Both Loid and Yor had expected this to happen and had already planned ahead, with Yor promising to handle the situation himself. Yor’s plan, unfortunately, is to tell Yuri that she simply forgot to tell him she got married, which takes Yuri and Loid completely off guard. Yuri decides to just roll with Yor’s excuse, which doesn’t make sense to Loid.

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At dinnertime, Yuri offers Loid wine in an attempt to get him drunk so he can expose himself as a dangerous villain. Loid, however, does not fall for this tactic and refuses to give Yor wine to prevent him from accidentally divulging their “family secrets”. Yuri wastes no time asking all sorts of questions about the nature of their relationship, which makes Loid feel like he’s being questioned by a policeman. With Loid once again not falling for his tactic, Yuri eventually loses his temper and begins to drink heavily. This gives Loid the opening he needs to ask Yuri his own questions, especially regarding his own profession. To her knowledge, Yuri is a diplomat who was last seen in Hungary doing business.

As Yuri shares details of his trip to Hugaria (a country Loid himself visited as a “medical student”), Loid begins to predict what Yuri will say. When Yuri confirms Loid’s suspicions, he immediately recognizes that Yuri had read the Ostanian Intelligence Agency manual on the art of deception and that Yuri is actually lying about what he actually does for a living. Loid then admits internally that he had reservations about Yuri all along since he was aware of his past employment at the Foreign Office – a well-known entry point for a career in espionage. He had also done a background check on Yuri earlier, which confirmed his past employment at the Ministry, but also that he hadn’t worked there for a year. Loid then puts two and two together and discovers that Yuri is a State Security Service officer, which can come in handy if he plays his cards right.

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After calculating the risks of keeping Yuri’s company, the latter drunkenly reveals that he and Yor grew up very poor and his sister worked hard to maintain a stream of income. This motivated Yuri to get a high-paying job so he could protect his sister in return. While Yuri admits to wanting his sister to be happily married, he also states that he will only accept Loid as Yor’s husband if he can protect her better than he can. Without revealing that he is the spy Yuri is actually looking for, Loid confirms that he will protect Yor with his life, even though he is “just a psychiatrist” with no combat skills.

Unfortunately, Loid blurts out that the marriage may not be genuine when he accidentally touches Yor’s hand in an attempt to clean up a spill on the table. This does not go unnoticed by Yuri, who then demands proof of the couple’s intimacy. Specifically, Yuri demands that Loid and his sister kiss in front of him, which puts Loid and Yor in an awkward position.

Based on the popular manga series by Tatsuya Endo, new episodes of Spy x Family air every Saturday on Crunchyroll.

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