Pub where revelers at one end of the counter can’t see the other end


Besides revelers and bootylicious female waiters swaying as they roam the pub with a tray full of booze, an attractive counter baffles the men.

In a new pub, this is the first stop to familiarize yourself with the environment. The counter is the high table and drinkers here socialize without making a scene. It is respected.

Now imagine sitting at a bar counter where you can’t see the other end. One that spans several meters and requires multiple staff members to attend to customers.

A Nairobi businessman has built a pub with what is believed to be the longest bar counter in Kenya.

Afro Sayari Park. PHOTO: James Mwangi.

Spanning 44 meters (145 feet) long, the bar counter at AfroSayari Park, which sits on the eastern ring road, is manned by six waiters when revelers flock there.

The resort is located on seven acres and on the north side is a club with a nondescript counter.

“Ours is the longest bar counter in Kenya. We have yet to see one that can challenge our record,” Alice Mubea, Managing Director of AfroSayari told The Nairobian.

The curvy counter with a wooden surface has shelves made from tree stems and adorned with objects to rhyme with African culture. Sitting at one end, the other end is not visible.

“We decided to make this pub unique and one of the many features is a long counter which mesmerizes revelers. You can’t fail to notice their excitement as they sip their drinks while staring at the shelves,” she said.

The counter is set in a pub built to look like Mount Kenya to appreciate the beauty of the country.

“The theme is Mount Kenya and inside you feel like you are inside caves. We want those who haven’t been to the mountains to have that feeling here,” Mubea said.

It was built from dry lava from Mount Longonot in the Rift Valley. The pub with a capacity of just over 200 people cost around 10 million shillings to build.


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