Prevention, cooperation, mutual aid essential to counter the connected nature of terrorists in South Asia: Sri Lankan CDS


Prevention, cooperation and mutual assistance in controlled measures at international borders are essential to counter the transnational and connected nature of terrorists and criminal militants in the South Asia region, General Shavendra Silva said Thursday, Sri Lankan Chief of Defense Staff, emphasizing the need for law enforcement institutional reforms based on common and agreed policies. “In legitimate government efforts to combat terrorism or organized crime, in this regard, a possible South Asian regional treaty could promote measures to combat terrorism and crime by promoting institutional structures and decision-making processes to promote cooperation, coordination, shared expertise and common legal approaches,” Silva said while virtually addressing the “Countering the Use of Cryptocurrencies to Finance Terrorism” event on Thursday.

“Due to the transnational and connected nature of terrorists and criminal militants in our region, prevention, cooperation and mutual assistance in international border controlled measures are essential,” he added. The general also said that there are avenues for collaboration by establishing an exchange of information at customs, imposing barriers to immigration and agreeing on the regulation of the transport and storage of weapons and drugs. , dangerous goods or potential war equipment.

Emphasizing that mutual assistance can be enhanced by expanding measures for collecting evidence from suspects, exchanging wanted personnel, etc., Silva said that building the capacity of countries in the region to deal with terrorism and criminals would largely depend on the training of law enforcement. “Besides training the military personnel of a particular country, it is also essential to carry out joint training for various armed forces in the South Asian region. The conduct of regional counter-terrorism operations would also require regional funding. It is understood that funding counter-terrorism campaigns in recent times has become quite expensive due to the sophistication of the insurgency,” Silva added.

The general also said that “this is where we need cooperation because very experienced armies, which have been engaged in counter-terrorism operations for a long time, we have specialties, so we can share each other’s specialties. to counter the imitations of the other”. “Institutional law enforcement reforms based on common and agreed policies and principles in the countries of the region enhance compatibility between countries in the fight against transnational crimes and terrorism,” he added. . (ANI)

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