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As part of the 6th Tbilisi International Conference, President Salomé Zurabishvili welcomed a select group of participants to the Orbeliani Presidential Palace on September 5, addressing in a speech that underscored the need to counter the misinformation that divides the US and the EU.

“We need to know our friends, those who have supported our past from the beginning, those who helped us create the reforms on which we now pursue, and those who helped us develop the institutions on which we now rely,” said President Zurabishvili.

The President underlined that “Russia will try to counter this reality, it is a very old phenomenon, a very Soviet phenomenon” which, she underlined, tries to convince Georgians that Ukraine and Georgia are not not friends, that the United States and the EU are not in favor of peace and democracy in Georgia, but rather of trying to drag the country into war and to open a second front.

“…Creating distrust is one of Russia’s favorite ways of acting,” President Zurabishvili remarked and added that such actions are “very destructive” and it is up to Georgia to do so. understand that such rhetoric towards allies is misinformation.

The president reiterated that it is “unbelievable” that anyone would claim that the United States is trying to drag Georgia into a war while Russia, which has “taken parts and parts of our territory, not just the ours, but has practically invaded all of its neighbors at different times, is the one who is not supposed to be responsible for anything. “This idea of ​​a second front is one that should be radically countered,” she added.

The President also stressed the need to counter the false narrative that EU reforms “are not designed to help us develop and create a stronger Georgia…which [reforms] could be used to destabilize Georgia and its government.

President Zurabishvili explained that such narratives are a clear representation of how Russia operates beyond military aggression. On that note, she stressed the need to protect Georgia and its citizens from disinformation and to respect the country’s general aspirations for European integration.

In this context, she pointed out that “more and more people, especially young people”, are leaving the country because of a perceived lack of perspective. “We need to fuel our youth with this European perspective, it’s a prospect that is very clearly within reach and no one should be pessimistic,” she said.

“The people of Georgia have shown where they are with Europe and Ukraine and we who are in charge of the country, whether the majority or the opposition, the institutional leaders, are all responsible and we will all have to respond to future generation of how we delivered at this very interesting time…” she concluded.

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