Police unveil new uniform for counter-terrorism units


Police say they are ditching the old uniforms of the force’s three counter-terrorism units, officers are being given a new one that is more practical, offers better protection and can meet operational needs.

Currently, the elite officers of the Airport Security Unit (ASU), Counter Terrorism Response Unit (CTRU) and Rail Response Team (RRT) each have their own uniform, the officers of the latter two wearing regular police shirts.

ASU Chief Inspector Hung Yat-na said the force reviewed unit uniforms and decided to give them a facelift after studying the outfits worn by their counterparts in mainland China and overseas. the stranger.

She said officers from the three units would receive a standardized uniform, but in different colors for easier identification. The new uniforms will be more breathable, with better tailoring, more pockets and soft pads on the ankles and shoulders.

ASU officers will retain their signature navy color, while the CTRU uniform will be blue-grey and RRT gray.

“Tactical unit officers are required to respond to violent incidents or attacks at short notice and without warning,” she said. “The current force work dress and blue work dress are designed for general patrol or police work. The new one is specifically designed for tactical application to meet operational requirements.”

Hung declined to say whether the new uniform would be able to withstand stabbing or corrosive attacks, but said the force took into account the risks faced by officers when designing the new outfits.

She also said that the epaulette showing an officer’s identification number and rank had been moved up the arm from the shoulder.

“Given the nature of the work of tactical units, CTRU and RRT officers put on the weapons bag and ASU officers carry the MP5 submachine gun in their hand while on patrol,” Hung explained. “[Therefore] moving the epaulette to the upper arm and adding the English short form of each unit could help members of the public clearly identify our officers.”

Elite officers are expected to show off their new uniforms in the coming days, including July 1, when Hong Kong marks the 25th anniversary of the handover.


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