Pokemon Go: How to Counter Leader Cliff (June 2022)


Cliff is one of three Team GO Rocket leaders in Pokemon GO who takes direct orders from Giovanni, the boss of the criminal organization aiming to take over all the PokéStops in the world. To meet or be confronted with Leader Cliff, Trainers Must Defeat Regular Grunts to acquire their mysterious components. After collecting six, players can combine the mysterious components to create a Rocket Radar, a device used to pinpoint the location of a Team GO Rocket Leader. The leader can be Arlo, Cliff and Sierra. Accordingly, those who confront Chief Cliff in Pokemon GO will naturally want to know how to counter it in combat.

Counter Cliff, the leader of Team GO Rocket, in Pokémon GO

To counter Chief Cliff in Pokemon GO in June 2022, fighters must first know Shadow Pokemon Comp this enemy boss will potentially be dispatched. The first Pokémon will always be Cubone, and the second has a chance of being Omastar, Luxray, or Electivire. Finally, the third can be one of the following: Charizard, Tyranitar or Swampert.


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Below is a brief list of Leader Cliff’s possible Pokémon team compositions and what their weaknesses are:

  • 1st Pokemon: Cubone: Type – Ground | Weaknesses – Water, Grass and Ice
  • 2nd Pokémon (1): Omastar: Type – Rock and Water | Weaknesses – Grass, Fighting, Ground, Electric
  • 2nd Pokemon (2): Luxray: Type – Electric | Weaknesses – Terrain
  • 2nd Pokemon (3): Electrivir: Type – Electric | Weaknesses – Terrain
  • 3rd Pokémon (1): Charizard: Type – Fire and Flying | Weaknesses – Rock, Water, and Electric
  • 3rd Pokémon (2): Tyranitar: Type – Rock and Dark | Weaknesses – Combat, Ground, Bug, Steel, Water, Grass, and Fairy
  • 3rd Pokémon (3): Swampert: Type – Water and Ground | Weaknesses – Grass

With the weaknesses listed above in mind, players can use the following Pokémon team to better counter GO Rocket Team Leader cliff in Pokemon GO:

  • Masquerain: Type – Bug and theft | Best Moveset – Quick Move: Infestation, Charged Move: Bubble Beam, and Menacing Wind
  • garchomp: Type – Dragon and Ground | Best Moveset – Quick Move: Mud Shot, Charged Move: Sand Grave
  • Omastar: Type – Rock and Water | Best Moveset – Quick Move: Mud Shot, Charged Move: Ancient Power

These Pokémon not only provide Movesets that can counter Cliff’s possible partiesbut they’re also resistant to many of the potential abilities Team GO Rocket Leader Pokémon might have in Pokemon GO. However, if a Trainer is missing one or more of the above Pokémon, they can recheck Cliff’s Brigade weaknesses to prepare their party accordingly.

Pokemon GO is available on iOS and Android.


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