NFT Firms Turn to Vibes Manager to Counter Crypto Collapse


NFT market also in a downward spiral.

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The current situation of digital assets across the world is unsatisfactory. Whether it is cryptocurrency, stablecoins or NFTs, all face the brutality of the market crash and the prolonged market crash only makes matters worse for all digital assets.

NFT, which is also a digital asset class, has been on a downward spiral since the start of the year. The best connotation of the current NFT market situation is given by the drop in sales of at least a seventh on one of the most popular NFT platforms, and the buyer of the so-called “Mona Lisa du digital world” – a $2.9 Million NFT of Jack Dorsey’s tweet will be forced to sell at just $6,800.

To counter negative market sentiments, most companies operating in the NFT market have resorted to a new type of strategy which involves adopting a role called – The Vibes Manager.

The Vibes Manager!

The vibe manager, sometimes referred to as a “vibe leader” or “vibe director” in some organizations, is responsible for marketing NFT initiatives to newcomers and comforting current investors. This position is kind of a mix between a marketer, an influencer, and an investor relations officer. The objective of the Vibes Manager is that he always maintains a cheerful attitude.

TropoFarmer, a Minnesotan who was among the first buyers of Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT (one of the most vaunted and expensive collections) and who is an advocate for vibration control, claimed that “vibration is everything” . There are swing trading strategies based on momentum, which is mainly supported by vibrations.

According to Business Insider, an NFT company by the name of Fractional was one of the first to appoint a vibration manager. The position has been filled by an influencer by the name of Deeze, who a source says is “the company’s most public-facing employee alongside the founder” and “a hugely important taste expert and creator. in the NFT domain”.

Writer’s report:

The current situation for digital assets is not what investors would like to see. The adoption of vibe manager by companies will surely help investors to stay in the market for a while. But, if the market is unable to return to its normal state, no such external influencer will be able to retain investors in the market, as any viable person would only stay in the market until the market be beneficial to him. this or that aspect.


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