My kitchen counter is always covered in crumbs when I cook – here’s the $15 product I use to easily clean it


FOR many of us, cooking is fun… but cleaning is not.

It’s easy to get your kitchen counters dirty, even when you’re preparing a simple meal.


A woman on TikTok gained popularity for her product review videosCredit: TikTok/Dopest Products
She Recently Discovered a Tool That Makes Cleaning Your Countertops Easier


She Recently Discovered a Tool That Makes Cleaning Your Countertops EasierCredit: TikTok/Dopest Products

Luckily, there’s a tool on Amazon that lets you clean all those crumb-covered counters effortlessly — and it’s only $15.

A woman who goes by @CherishandFavor online has gained popularity on TikTok for her series called “I bought it so you didn’t have to”, where she tries different products and gives her opinion.

After receiving a video of a handheld vacuum, she ordered it online.

“Because it was so cheap, I really expected it to be a little crappy, but it worked out really well,” she said.

The woman dragged the small hand tool across her counter and all the crumbs were immediately sucked up.

She said it was also useful for other areas:

“You can use it to clean hair around your sink after your husband’s shave, maybe for gum shavings in a classroom or leftover powder on your makeup desk.”

The multi-tool is battery powered, which means there are no unsightly cables.

“It’s easy to empty and even comes with a cleaning brush,” the woman said, showing the way you pop the bottom to throw out what’s inside.

“It doubles as a wireless charging station. Random but useful.

She placed her phone on top of the device and revealed that it had started turning on the phone.

Although some of his followers were excited about the purchase, others found it unnecessary:

“Or we could stop being lazy and just use our hands,” one person said.

“Nothing spells out first world issues like this video,” another added.

And a third was just blown away by its dual purpose: “Loader threw me for a loop.”

The mini vacuum surprisingly doubles as a phone charger


The mini vacuum surprisingly doubles as a phone chargerCredit: TikTok/Dopest Products

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