MultiVersus Update Finally Adds A Counter To Batman’s Batarangs


With the news that the first batch of Morty buffs from MultiVersus comes with a pretty big set of MultiVersus patch notes, there’s a lot to look forward to in the next major update to Player First Games’ free-to-play fighting game. . However, that’s not exactly the case if you’re a player who brings Batman into the game. Why? Well, game director Tony Huynh has seemingly confirmed that the upcoming projectile changes are going to hit Batman and his batarangs the hardest.

Responding to a disgruntled fan complaining about Batman’s nerves, Huynh explained that the development team thinks “Batman’s batarang lacks counterplay… [making] it’s not fun to fight him”. In an effort to make this fighter “fun for both parties”, Huynh believes the “global projectile system overhaul” coming in the next update will ensure that “all projectiles break the batarang”.

Yes, it’s true. MultiVersus players will no longer have to deal with unbreakable batarangs bouncing around and causing mayhem. We can’t say we’re going to miss this, but it’s understandably something that’s going to be somewhat frustrating for major Batmans accustomed to including this ranged attack in their pick of the best MultiVersus Batman combos.

However, you might be interested to know that Batman’s batarangs were always meant to break. Responding to his own statement, Huynh goes on to explain that it was all “a bug… [it was] didn’t want Batman’s batarang not to shatter against other projectiles”. He also goes on to say that “Batman is currently looking to be on the stronger side of [the MultiVersus roster]… All [Player First Games has] done fixed an obvious bug with the batarang”.

So that’s good news, isn’t it? The game director still believes Batman will be strong – but we’ll still be reviewing his position on our MultiVersus tier list. Players will just have to be a bit more careful with their batarangs in the future, now that they will break on other projectiles. However, with the right selection of the best MultiVersus Batman perks, this can be handled a bit better.

It’s clear that, despite only being out for a short time, MultiVersus is one of the best fighting games available. The constant attention to balance and the onslaught of new content to come shows that Player First Games is dedicated to creating a fantastic experience for fans. We just hope that all of MultiVersus Taz’s other buffs are scaled well and we won’t see his tornado attacks dominate anymore. We just can’t handle all of this.


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