Multi-counter machine system From: Cremer Speciaalmachines BV


For a manufacturer’s range of blends or varieties, Cremer provides a dedicated HQ meter for each flavor/type. The desired number for each is dispensed into a bucket conveyor under the counter. When the preset amount of each flavor is reached, the bucket conveyor dispenses the total amount of product into an integrated packaging machine – typically a cartoner and/or bagger.

Product can be dispensed into the feed hoppers manually by operators or automatically from the upstream primary packaging system. The system is fully customizable by matching product lines; for example, four flavors would use four counters, and the same for six, eight or more.

Additionally, depending on the line speed required, multiple counters can be dedicated per flavor/type. For example, if a chocolate assortment calls for more milk chocolate than other flavors, Cremer’s system would dedicate two counters to milk chocolate, one to dark chocolate, and one to caramel.

The HQ series of counters are scalable for different levels of production based on product type and output. Typical production is up to 5,500 individual pieces or 175 units (dumps)/min. The machines can run on an indexing conveyor for filling boxes, cartons, jars, bottles, jars or cans.


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