Ministry proposes budget of Rs 4.6 trillion to tackle foot and mouth disease outbreak


Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Ministry of Agriculture has proposed a budget of 4.6 trillion rupees, from the National Economic Recovery Fund, to manage the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in livestock.

The Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Kasdi Subagyono, detailed the budget allocation, comprising 2.6 trillion rupees for the procurement of vaccines and its supporting facilities, 866.2 billion rupees for operational needs in vaccines, Rs 570 billion for livestock data collection, Rs 225 billion for livestock replacement and Rs 159. 0.5 billion for the management and prevention of the spread of foot-and-mouth disease.

He made the statement during a meeting with Committee IV of the House of Representatives in Parliament here on Monday.

“The purchase of vaccines and their supporting facilities is (worth) Rs 2.6 trillion, total of two vaccines plus a booster vaccine (for each cattle). The total number of doses is 43 .6 million, which we will administer in order to vaccinate livestock,” Subagyono added.

This figure included up to 3.3 million vitamins and drugs, 312 kg of disinfectant, vaccination and drug support logistics, cold chain, vaccine and drug distribution, rapid pre-testing. -vaccination, equipment and machinery for the production of vaccines worth Rp 65 billion, and the taking and testing of foot-and-mouth disease.

Regarding the operational issue of vaccination, Rp 738 billion will be used for two-dose vaccination, Rp 32 billion for medical operations, Rp 37 billion for technical operational unit nursery biosecurity, Rp 29 billion for biosecurity of animal market and village operations and Rp 28 billion to train vaccinators.

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Some 297 billion rupees were for details of livestock data collection, with ear tags as markers, 10.9 billion rupees for the livestock data collection applicator, 195 billion rupees for the operational data collection, 16.9 billion rupees for coordination and reporting of disease handling, and 46 billion rupees. 0.7 billion for advocacy and dissemination of information regarding efforts to mitigate the epidemic.

To replace cattle that died from the disease, Rp 15 million per cattle would be offered to replace each of the 15,000 head of cattle, thus reaching a total of Rp 225 billion.

In addition, 100 billion rupees were earmarked for animal distribution control operations along with 53.5 billion rupees for transport for traffic control and 6 billion rupees for checkpoints.

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