Microsoft can counter three PlayStation franchises with a new Activision series


Microsoft has announced its intention to buy Activision Blizzard, and the implications of the deal are staggering. Many industry journalists are speculating on what this means for the industry as a whole, what it means for Activision Blizzard employees, and of course, the possible games that could be developed as a result. The usual suspects were mentioned, such as Call of Duty, Crash Bandicoot, Guitar Hero, Tony Hawkand spyro. However, there are a few lesser-known franchises that aren’t talked about that deserve attention, as they could give Microsoft franchises the chance to rival some of Sony’s biggest exclusives.


Sony’s greatest strength over Microsoft is that it has several franchises created by its own studios that push the medium forward, such as The last of us, God of the warand Death Stranding. Microsoft has its own exclusive franchises such as armament of war, Forzaand Halo but none of them had the same impact as the PlayStation release. Halo may have made millions in sales at its peak, but so did Spider Man and Ghost of Tsushima. With the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, however, not only could Xbox have exclusives of its own like Skylanders and evil spell, but it now has access to three franchises that could rival three of PlayStation’s biggest IPs. Moreover, due to the talent accumulated by Microsoft, it has many studios and developers to create these titles.

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The Bloodborne Competitor

Fight in Nightmare Creatures 2

The first titles to compete are transmitted by blood and Demon’s Souls. The classics developed by From Software helped solidify and popularize the Souls subgenre. Fans of Souls games may also know that there was a PlayStation 1 game that has a lot in common with Souls games and feels like an ancestor to the series as a whole.

This game is nightmarish creatures, a survival horror action title originally released in 1997 by Activision. There were two games created in the franchise, developed by former studio Kalisto Entertainment, with a sequel released in 2000 for PlayStation and Dreamcast. The game featured a gothic horror setting and a story dealing with the occult, similar to transmitted by blood. He also uses both melee and a bunch of other weapons, including a flintlock pistol, just like transmitted by blood. It even has a combat system focused on wrestling and one-on-one fights like transmitted by blood. transmitted by blood didn’t rip it off in any way, but the similarities are obvious.

Raven Software will be owned by Microsoft, and they have experience with gothic action horror titles such as evil spell. They even have experience with RPGs since they developed X-Men Legends. They could be responsible for developing a nightmarish creatures reboot or reinvent with modern Dark Souls mechanics. Maybe take some influence from other titles in the genre like Deadly Shell and create something that feels familiar but unique at the same time.

Twisted Metal's Sweet Tooth

One of PlayStation’s earliest franchises is the twisted metal series. Originally a launch game for the PlayStation 1, the vehicular combat franchise hasn’t seen a new release since rebooting in 2012, but there is reportedly a new one. twisted metal game in development, as well as a TV show on the horizon. It would be in Microsoft’s interest to be able to meet Sony during this revival with one of its own, and it just so happens that twisted metalbiggest competitor.

Watchful 8 was released by Activision in 1999 for the original PlayStation and Nintendo 64. It was developed by Luxoflux, also known for the true crime series, and a sequel was released a year later for the same consoles as well as the Dreamcast. The game had similar mechanics with cars driving around arena-like stages with missiles and machine guns and the like attached to their vehicles. He had a three-gun limit, unlike twisted metal, but it also introduced scalable stats in the sequel. It also has a unique 1970s backstory as well as time travel added in the sequel.

Additionally, Activision’s High Moon Studios received critical acclaim Transformers games in the past, namely War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron. It’s not the same style of gameplay, but it has mechanical beings that can transform into vehicles that fight against each other. It would be interesting to see how this studio would approach the Watchful 8 franchise. There was a Watchful 8 title released exclusively on Xbox 360 in 2008 with updated mechanics that weren’t too bad and could be used as a template for a new title or a reboot.

The uncharted competitor

Pitfall Black Ops Cold War Arcade Cabinet

Unexplored is one of Sony’s biggest franchises. It’s had seven entries, has solid millions of copies, and there’s a Unexplored the movie will be out soon. Microsoft tried to compete with Sony on this front by buying the temporary exclusivity of The Rise of the Tomb Raider. However, this series was a cross-platform title that was not owned by Microsoft and was eventually released on PlayStation later. It also didn’t help that the series was more associated with PlayStation than any other console during its heyday. However, with Activision franchises now in its stable of intellectual properties, Microsoft could compete with one of its oldest franchises.

Trap is Activision’s first hit series and has just as much in common with Unexplored like Tomb Raider does. Pitfall protagonist Harry would jump over various traps and dangers in a jungle and an ancient tomb-like setting. Trap could also have the advantage of a more family-friendly character than Unexploredwhich is an audience that Microsoft needs to reach more of, which could kill two birds with one stone.

A character action-platformer title like this would probably work best in a studio like Toys for Bob or the resurrected Vicarious Visions or Radical Entertainment. A new Trap would most likely need a reboot, and Microsoft would have to give it a big budget so it could compete with the action parts Unexplored at.

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