Mad Maggie Offers a Huge Counter to Gibraltar in Apex Legends Season 12


For those looking to take a break from Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale and have some fun in the shooting range with friends, here’s how to enable low gravity in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends can be a very competitive game, especially if you like ranked leagues, but public lobbies can feel extremely sweaty at times.

If you’re tired of being competitive and encountering teams that seem to be in the ALGS, maybe it’s time for some fun in the shooting range.

The Apex Legends Firing Range is home to a large amount of secrets, including a third-person mode, and even a mode where stationary bots start moving and shooting at you.

These modes have clearly been put in the firing line by the developers, as they require specific steps to activate them. This low-gravity mode, however, is more of a problem, and is only possible thanks to Valkyrie.

Upon Valkyrie’s arrival in Apex Games, players noticed an issue where the legend felt weightless after jetpacking and interacting with a zipline. Low Gravity Mode in Firing Range is basically the same feeling, but with a simple trick you can use it on any callout and it lasts even after you hit the ground.

How to Enable Low Gravity in Apex Legends

valkyrie apex legends

Although it hasn’t been available for a while, Low Gravity Mode is back in the Firing Range in time for Season 12.

  1. First, head to the shooting range and play as Valkyrie.
  2. Then, soar through the air with his jetpack and let his fuel run out.
  3. As soon as its fuel runs out, quickly switch Legend into the air.
  4. If done successfully, after you fall you should have low gravity activated.

We recommend trying out Pathfinder in this low-gravity mode, as using its grappling hook in zero-gravity is even more fascinating than before, especially if you’re also throwing Octane Launch Pads.

This low gravity mode actually reminded players of a similar glitch in Titanfall 2, where while using the Northstar Titan, players could exit while it was vacuuming and low gravity would be activated.

It’s either a coincidence due to the same developers and the same game code, or it was left in the game as an ode to Valkyrie’s father’s Titan, the Northstar.

Either way, it’s a lot of fun and a great way to play with friends in the shooting range, especially while you wait for new content like the Control LTM.

Image credits: Respawn Entertainment


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