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Commentary: Going to town: learning lessons from urban combat in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine highlights the relevance of preparing and equipping armies for urban warfare. What doctrines and technologies can the future soldier use to prepare for this type of combat?

Features include:

The Invisible Enemy: Providing Protection Against Intangible Threats

To avoid sending soldiers into dangerous environments, militaries around the world have stepped up efforts to equip themselves with robotic and remote-controlled capabilities to combat CBRN.

Stuck in a traffic jam: Maintaining smooth operations with continuous communications

The spread of satellite navigation jammers forces armies to invest in countermeasures. With precise positioning data more crucial than ever, how do planners fight to keep these vital signals safe from disruption?

Edge Cases: Putting Electronic Warfare Tactics into Practice

EW of dismounted land forces at the tactical edge is a complex mission governed by a myriad of factors that must be considered to ensure success. In this article, Shephard examines how these techniques are put into practice.

Moving Forward: How the United States is Responding to Dismounted Soldiers’ Need for Increased Power

The amount of data available on the networked battlefield requires power-hungry electronics. While the carrying capacity of dismounted troops remains limited, how do armies meet the challenge of producing efficient equipment with useful autonomy?

Friends in need: Swedish and Finnish pressure to join NATO

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine prompted the historically neutral Sweden and Finland to apply for NATO membership. Although some obstacles remain, the alliance is counting on the two nations to consolidate its northern border.

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