Kids Need Their Parents’ Difficult Conversations to Counter Progressivism


As a former homeschooler and now a homeschooling father, I know firsthand the importance of a solid education and the delicate balance of tackling tough topics with my kids.

First, families must be based on what the Declaration of Independence calls the Laws of Nature and the God of Nature, which means that the law of God is true, supreme, and unchangeable. In today’s society, children are taught that it is acceptable, and often encouraged, to redefine the law of nature. To “create your own truth” and go against the fundamental truths on which this country was built. Being rooted in the Laws of Nature and the God of Nature is the starting point, the catapult, to tackle the difficult subjects that our children face on a daily basis.

The rise of gender fluidity

Gone are the days when our God-given body parts were the determining factor in our sexual identity. Left-wing agendas now push for your sex to be determined at birth, but your gender isn’t determined until you’re old enough to start showing feminine or masculine tendencies. Parents are told to keep the biological sex of their children a secret until their child is old enough to decide their own identity. This obviously goes against the laws of nature.

When we teach our children about their sexuality, we may ask ourselves, what does the law of nature tell us about sexuality? It is as simple as returning to God’s original purpose and purpose for mankind. We can explain this to our children by emphasizing the responsibilities of men and women and their benefits to society. We can also educate our children about their bodies and the benefits of their sex. Yes, there are biological differences that correspond to the Laws of Nature and the God of Nature. Our job as parents is to continually affirm to children who they are and how they were created and teach them to know the truth about themselves, and that is not something you can simply change. When our minds do not match the physical world, it is our minds that need to be healed, not our bodies. Just as physical laws are immutable, so are natural laws.

Discuss the news with your children

It’s no secret that we are consumed with news daily. Whether you watch the news with your children or not, they are constantly exposed. The rising generation has access to more information than ever before, which is why it is crucial that you lay down the basic truths at an early age with your children. Don’t be afraid to have difficult conversations with your children.

The recent reversal of Roe vs. Wade is a perfect example of making sure your children are grounded in the laws of nature and nature’s God. Our children need to know that the fetus is a stage of human development, just as we have identified being a toddler or an adolescent as a stage of human development. The law of the God of nature declares that every person can legally enjoy the rights that God has given. The keywords being each person.

Life begins at conception and unborn children still have the legal right to life. We need to be clear and tell our children the truth when this topic comes up in our homes. To address the “your body, your choice” argument, tell them that choices have consequences and that having physical relationships outside of a committed marriage could lead to having a baby. Yes, you have a choice, but it’s earlier in the decision-making process than when others claim it should happen. Your choice cannot end the life of another human. As parents, it is our responsibility to educate our children to see all life as precious and to communicate the law of nature.

Parents, your children need you!

All in all, this idea of ​​the Laws of Nature and the God of Nature can and should be the starting point for these types of conversations with your children. These truths end up defeating the false ideals that the left tries to propagate. The ultimate conclusion for your children is that just as physical laws are immutable, so are natural laws. Failing to adequately prepare our children can lead to significant problems for future and future generations. Parents must educate themselves to teach their children to recognize truth rather than propaganda. Presenting the truth to children and having those difficult conversations with your children early and in an age-appropriate way will prepare and equip them better for the future.

Robert Bortins is Managing Director of Classical Conversations, the world’s largest classical homeschooling organization.

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