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PETALING JAYA: The Department of Road Transport’s (JPJ) smart app for smoother operations at its agencies has many benefits, but there’s a catch – many still don’t know it.

Many customers who showed up at the JPJ branch here said they didn’t know about the smart app, which needs to be downloaded and activated on their mobile phone.

In April last year, the JPJ started using a mobile app called JPJeQ to keep touts away and reduce waiting time.

In order to obtain a ticket at the relevant JPJ offices, one must scan the QR code displayed outside before a ticket number is assigned for the specific service request.

After scanning the QR code at the door, people were asked what service they needed. They would then be assigned an online number.

The application allows the user to see their current position in the queue and the expected waiting time to be served at the counter.

A notification would be sent to users’ smartphones when their turn came.

Several JPJ branch motorists here said they were caught off guard and had to struggle to download the mobile app and learn how to use it instantly.

Mechanic Nazzarudin Jamal, 43, said he was surprised when he discovered the mobile app when he arrived to complete a vehicle ownership transfer.

“I went to the entrance and saw a lot of people busy with their cell phones, straining to scan a QR code.

“Some were having connectivity issues with their cellphones and had to make numerous attempts to download the app,” he said.

Despite what he described as the “sudden inconvenience”, Nazzarudin said the mobile app functionality would help deter touts who were usually outside taking advantage of the crowded situation.

“I had an experience where I had to pay RM5 for a queue number because I was in a rush and it was so crowded.

“With the new app, it would take that problem out of everything. Merchants took advantage of people’s desperation,” he added.

Nazzarudin urged JPJ to publicize the implementation of the smart app so that the public can download the app earlier and familiarize themselves with it.

Another person, who only wanted to be known as Michael, 50, supported the implementation of the JPJeQ system, which he said was helpful.

“The new system is good because it’s faster, but it takes some getting used to. Under the old system, we had to queue at the counter for a long time just to get a number,” he said.

Housewife Nurshariza Mohmad Samiri, 40, who came to renew her driver’s license and transfer vehicle ownership, said the app queue system saved her a lot of time.

“I have used the app before in Ipoh, where I was guided on how to use it by an officer. But I noticed that there were no officers helping the public in the Petaling Jaya branch. Some seniors had trouble downloading the app,” she said.

A 50-year-old man who only wanted to be known as Tan said he had trouble downloading the app to his device.

He said he had to wait a while because the internet connection was slow and no WiFi was available.

“I came here to renew my truck’s road tax and it was my first time using the app. I had no idea until a gentleman came to help me,” said he said, adding that a stable WiFi network should also be installed for public use at JPJ’s office.

Even if the smart app system is used, Ho Sung En, a 43-year-old driver, suggested keeping the manual queue number.

“Not everyone is tech-savvy. Younger people might be better at it,” he said.

JPJeQ app is available on Google Playstore for Android devices and Apple AppStore for iOS users.


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