Janatha Clinics to counter quackery in rural Telangana


On Sunday, on the fifth anniversary of the Healthcare Reforms Doctors Association (HRDA), members launched the Janatha Clinics to counter quackery in rural Telangana. The first such clinic would start operating in a few days, based on a pilot project.

Members of the association have also said that they will provide jobs for qualified doctors with MBBS degrees as they will be mobilized for rural areas.

HRDA Chairman K. Mahesh Kumar said that charlatans or unqualified doctors arbitrarily use steroids and painkillers. “It could reduce the immunity of patients, cause hormonal imbalance or serious health complications. Our initiative is an alternative to charlatans,” he said.

He added that doctors with an MBBS degree are reluctant to start practicing due to lack of sufficient resources to set up a clinic, accommodation issues, post-graduation (PG) course preparation or have reservations about to participation in all medical problems.

“In addition to setting up a clinic, we will train young doctors in basic emergency situations, provide housing, materials to prepare for PG entrance tests. We are asking companies to provide us with funding for corporate social responsibility (CSR) since our initiative is to bring quality healthcare to rural Telangana and save public health,” said Dr. Mahesh Kumar.


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