In new fast-paced CSGO Kart game, counterfire meets Rocket League


While most people think Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is just an FPS game, the community has developed it into something bigger. As with the majority of older games, even CS:GO has multiple swoops. Players will experience unique scenarios in the game.

CSGO Kart is one of the newest and most used mods. Players can play capture the flag in karts. What’s the fun in CS:GO if there’s no explosion? These karts are therefore also armed with rockets.

The mod was created by Dieter Stassen and Mary Millanta, who go by the name Two Random Dudes. According to Luke, this device is similar to Rocket League but is not in CSGO and is also equipped with real rockets.

Instead of being soldiers/humans, you can circle around a go-kart that fires rockets. Each team, from here, fights to win back the flag of the other teams and bring it back to their base, he specifies.

He also explains that each time they do this, they score points. The team with the most points in the game’s final wins. There are speed boosters, ammo (rockets), teleporters and a health/booster kit on the map.

Apart from rockets, players can also slam their karts by pressing the jump key. After swimming into the enemy base, players can capture the flag, which they must take back to their own base and click to enable successful capture.

The mod’s go-karts are all of one kind, namely neon and square shapes that bring out a more independent look. This CSGO-Kateline mod is available in the Steam Workshop.


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