“Impossible to go this far without the ability to counter situations”


NEW DELHI, Aug 24: He finds no particular pattern to his long dip in form unlike in 2014, but to succeed in international cricket for as long as Virat Kohli has, it could not have happened without his ability to overcome adversities.
The former India skipper has been without an international hundred across all formats for nearly three years now, but he feels there isn’t much room for course correction.
The reason for this is that he is not facing technical issues like he did on the 2014 England tour when making deliveries along the off-stump canal.
“I know where my game is at and you can’t get this far in your international career without having the ability to counter situations and conditions and counter different types of pins. So for me, it’s an easier phase to deal with, but I don’t want to put that phase behind me,” Kohli said on Star Sports’ Game Plan.
He went on to explain how a pattern of layoffs was detected on that tour and then after technical adjustments he scored nearly 600 points on the 2018 tour.
“What happened in England was a model, so something I could work on and something I had to sort of overcome. At the moment, as you rightly mentioned, there is no There’s nothing you can report saying the problem is happening here,” Kohli noted.
However, lately Kohli has been out in every possible way, to increase deliveries, for fuller balls, to swing deliveries, for cutters, spins out of spin, leg spins and left arm spins .
He thinks that when there are no role models, it’s the best thing that has happened.
“So for me it’s actually an easier thing to deal with because I know I’m hitting good and sometimes when I start to feel that rhythm I know I’m hitting good.
“So for me it’s not a problem, which was not the case in England (2014). I didn’t feel like I was hitting well at all. So, I had to work hard on one thing that could be exposed over and over and overcame; at the moment, that is not the case,” he added.
As he prepares for the Asian Cup, Kohli knows that he will have to face these adventures which are an integral part of the life of an elite athlete.
“I know there are ups and downs, and when I come out of that phase I know how consistent I can be. My experiences are sacred to me,” he said.
“Everything I’ve been through in this phase or in the past plus one thing I can” So for me it’s an easier phase to deal with but I don’t want to leave this phase behind . I want to learn from it and I want to understand what are the core values ​​that I have, as an athlete and as a human being,” he added. (PTI)


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