How to counter the “If America is so bad, then why is everyone moving here?” | by Jared A. Brock | Sep 2022


All it takes is five seconds of real thinking

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“There are no stupid questions. Just stupid people…” — Chris Berman

This quote is mean, but delicious.

Last week I published an article titled Things that seem ‘radical’ in America are normal in sane countries. It was about the need to get out of the bubble and realize how crazy things have gotten in the United States of America. , and paid rest for the working class. You know, reasonable human stuff.)

I then turned the article upside down and suggested that things that seem “radical” now will seem blindingly obvious a hundred years from now. Things like debt jubilees, banning interest and rent-seeking, taxing the oligarchs and building public infrastructure, all with the aim of saving the economy, democracy and freedom. -same.

My point was that America is on an accelerated trajectory with corporate oligarchy and tyranny unless America cancels debt, prohibits interest and rent seeking, invests democratically and does not tax the hyper-elites.

I then received dripping comments from not one but of them White male B00mers, which I will share here:

“How funny. I will not dispute any of your postulations but I would like to ask a question. If America is the dystopian hell you describe and Europe is the paradise of the contented proletariat, why is Europe’s population decreasing while America’s is increasing through legal immigration ? Everyone should move to Europe, right? Sorry, I guess that’s two questions.

Notice the argument structure:

  • Start with an insult to show your superiority.
  • Do not address any of the actual points of the article.
  • Put words in your opponent’s mouth.
  • Try to distract with whataboutism based on false premises.
  • End with a stupid joke just because.

First, remember: bad faith questions do not require an answer.

And if someone starts with a false premise and puts words in your mouth – like saying that you think Europe is the paradise of the contented proletariat even though you write strongly to the contrary – you have every right to denounce it.

But that kind of response is so common in a thoughtless society, so prevalent in our pathetic culture for no reason, that I thought it was worth talking about today.

How should we respond to the right-wing’s unfounded argument that “if America is so bad, why is everyone moving here?” »

And the answer is this:

Not everyone moves to America.

I explained to my B00mer male white troll that he was attempting (rather pathetically) an apple-oranges argument, but fell flat with a splat.

To say that “Europe’s population is shrinking” is a gross generalization. I am sure this commentator knows very well that all corporatist and fascist nations like Spain, Russia, Germany, Greece and Moldova are in decline, but the most progressive countries are actually growth.

Consider: The US population grew 0.38% last year.

Meanwhile, Iceland rose 0.97%, Norway 0.80%, Sweden 0.74% and Denmark 0.44%.

In other words, some progressive countries are growing faster than twice as fast like America.

(Now imagine how big they would grow if these countries weren’t frozen Nordic wastelands!)

Now let’s look at net migration rates.

There are 35 countries with a higher net migration rate than America, including Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Norway, Ireland, Singapore, Sweden, New Zealand and Estonia. Heck, there are more people migrating to Peru and Uganda per 1,000 people than America.

Migrants move to thirty-five countries at higher rates than they move to America.

In other words: This commenter’s point actually proves my point.

America is on an accelerated trajectory with oligarchy and corporate tyranny unless America cancels debt, bans interest and rent seeking, invests democratically and taxes hyper- elites.

And “everyone” is not moving to America.

If things don’t change, soon no one will.

In fact, they will flee as they do from all other corporate nations.


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