Grassley supports a critical aid program that bolsters the U.S. military and continues to counter Putin’s genocidal war in Ukraine


WASHINGTON — Today, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) will vote for an aid package that will replenish America’s arsenal and fortify our military in Europe. It will also provide Ukrainians with additional arms and ammunition as Putin continues to murder innocent people in his unjust war.

“Every day, brave Ukrainian soldiers prevent Putin from posing a greater threat to the region and the West by stopping his unquenchable thirst for power. Supporting this effort is in the interest of our national security, and we can do it without put Americans in danger.

“While we face challenges at home, we cannot ignore threats abroad. Make no mistake: Putin is a threat.

“Just as this administration’s failure to secure the southern border has encouraged more illegal immigration, failure to support Ukraine’s sovereignty will only encourage further aggression by Russia and embolden others.” , such as China.

“President Biden should be as concerned about violations of our US border as he is about the Ukrainian border. Both are national security and humanitarian crises and neither should be ignored. My colleagues and I will continue to do our part, including demanding a vote to uphold Title 42.

“When it comes to a murderous thug like Putin, history shows us that waiting too long to act can have devastating consequences. This is why we must continue to send humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine while strengthening our army. A Ukrainian victory will put Russia in its place and make other countries, especially China, think twice before taking aggressive military action themselves. In these times, it is our responsibility to support peace and preserve a stable world for future generations,” said Grassley.

Below is a breakdown of how the aid package will be allocated:

  • About 25% of the allocated funds will be used to replenish US weapons stockpiles of items already donated to Ukraine;
  • A combined total of about 40% will be used to fortify our military, both at home and in Europe; and
  • Around 50% will go to supplying specific equipment needed by the Ukrainian military and frontline NATO allies and to meet the humanitarian needs of Ukrainians affected by Russian attacks.
Grassley led a number of efforts to support Ukraine and punish Russia. He backed an effort to investigate Putin for war crimes that passed the Senate unanimously in March. Grassley lobbied President Biden’s national security adviser on the speed, detail and delivery of the lethal aid delivered to Ukraine. Additionally, Grassley has joined his colleagues in introducing sanctions legislation, including proposals to limit Putin and his cronies’ access to American capital and to reauthorize sanctions legislation targeting human rights violators.
Read more about Grassley’s efforts on Ukraine HERE.



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