Future shooters will simply adjust their tactics to counter the new law


Ohio’s new law allowing teachers to be armed (after only 24 hours of training) as a way to prevent school shootings, is based on the misconception that to shoot our school children, a shooter must actually walk into school. But all a shooter has to do is wait for the last bell, and the students will all come their way. And if armed with an AR-15-style assault rifle – which has an effective range of 600 meters – he can kill and maim dozens of children far beyond the range of handguns including teachers and security personnel would be armed.

This new Republican law, like all the other NRA-approved “fixes” — securing entrances, installing metal detectors, better lockout procedures, etc. – will simply train future shooters to adjust their tactics.

Keith Thompson, Fort Thomas

The Capitol Riot Doesn’t Happen Without Trump’s Lies

Someone can argue that former President Donald Trump did not directly instigate the January 6, 2021 riot at the United States Capitol. No one can argue with the obvious fact that had Trump not chosen to relentlessly propagate the lie that he lost the election to fraud, January 6 would never have happened.

William Hopewell, Milford

Arming teachers only has the potential to backfire

Thank goodness the Cincinnati Public Schools Board of Education voted against arming teachers. Hopefully every school board in Ohio doesn’t pass this crazy bill that only requires 24 hours of training, which makes no sense. This bill only has the potential to backfire.

I agree that we should have resource officers in the schools. We seem to be turning Ohio into the Wild West. You can now carry a pistol without a concealed carry permit! Was Governor Mike DeWine afraid of backfire?

I’m a gun owner, but never thought about carrying my gun, even though I’ve lived in New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

Gene Hendel, West Chester


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