FinMin says gov’t not considering new set of measures to counter inflation


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ZAGREB, May 26, 2022 – A new package of measures to help Croatians cope with inflationary pressures is very likely to be prepared, we are working on it, Finance Minister Zdravko Marić said on Thursday after a meeting of coalition partners , but he stopped short of saying when those measures might come into effect.

The new package of anti-inflationary measures is being discussed in the government and the coalition, Marić said.

“We’ll see when he’s ready, we’re working on it,” he said.

According to Marić, the new package “is very likely given the development of events”, and it will include state aid in the form of guarantees to gas suppliers, mainly the national electricity supplier HEP, in order to facilitate the next season’s gas supply.

The priority is to cushion the effects of inflation and ensure the supply of energy and food, Marić said.

Asked whether the price hikes in stores were justified, Marić said that it is difficult to make general assessments because prices are impacted by a series of elements.

Commenting on complaints from the hotel sector related to the recent “tax massacre”, Marić said that these are regular activities of the tax administration which “protect the interests of taxpayers who fulfill all their tax obligations in a ordered”.

During the pandemic, the state has shown solidarity with the service sector, mainly in the hotel industry and now it “expects the same at least from the other side”.

He said the supervision revealed some irregularities with a smaller number of hotel providers. He warned that an increase in turnover has been recorded where monitoring has been reinforced and a significant disproportion has been identified with input data (supplies) compared to output data. Thus, the tax administration can react and this is what it does. Marić pointed out that this is a regular activity carried out by the tax administration.

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