DraftKings Esports Counter-Strike BLAST throws


The Level 1 Counter Strike is officially back and tomorrow marks the start of several new teams. The roster revamp should provide us with more dynamic gameplay and add some variance to the CS:GO DFS slate today. We’ll break down CS:GO DFS strategy and some of the top DFS Esports picks for DraftKings rosters.

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CS:GO DFS Picks: DraftKings BLAST Slate Breakdown

CS:GO DFS Slate today

G2 (G2) vs Complexity (coL)

Ninjas in Pajamas (NiP) vs. BIG Clan (BIG)


After losing to Natus Vincere in the most previous major, it looked like G2 were just one piece away from being the best in the world. This offseason, G2 added the top young prospect to their roster to fill the impressive role they desperately needed. M0NESY is extremely talented, but he has yet to play an official match at level one. It will be worth watching its performance under such high expectations. Another change G2 made to their roster was to swap in-game leaders with OG. Aleksib, once hailed as a shooting prodigy, now joins G2 while Nexa moves to OG. There may be some uncertainty in the team’s debut, but they are more talented than Complexity and should win.


Junior and Grim join the former Extra-Salt core of JT, FaNg, and floppy to form the new Complexity roster. They made their debut last week, and despite lacking a win, they surprisingly pulled a card out of Gambit. I think with more time this team could definitely be a playoff contender in future tournaments, but not now. They just need more experience at level one. Grim spent the last year with Liquid where he struggled with consistency while JT, floppy, FaNg had huge success in tier two tournaments, but none at the top level. It’s hard to predict with certainty how the game against G2 will go given that both teams are new, but I’d be cautious if I team up with Complexity.

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Star awper Device is still out with health issues, leaving phzy to replace him for this match. With phzy in the roster, NiP has gone 1-3 in his last four games, and he has an average rating of 0.97. Priced at $8,400 on DraftKings, I’d advise staying away from him in all contests. While NiP is capable of big wins and consistent performance, that doesn’t really translate well to DFS. Every player on his roster has below average DFS stats, even when winning. While their pricing reflects this, it’s hard to expect a stellar performance that will win you a tournament.

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Like Complexity, BIG also launched its “new” roster last week. They picked up faveN from Sprout to replace gade. They went 2-2, finishing third and only losing to Gambit and Entropiq who finished first and second respectively. They are slight favorites against NiP tomorrow, and their price on DraftKings is also very similar. BIGs are less prone to average DFS performance than NiPs, making them more favorable for stacking. SyrsoN is the lock of the day on the slate tomorrow at just $6,800. In the last tournament, he boasted a 1.18 rating and over 51 kill/death difference. SyrsoN will be a big part of why BIG wins, and that should translate into a stellar DFS performance.

Favorite CS:GO DFS Picks Today

  • NiKo (CPT/$14,100) (flexible/$9,400)
  • hunter- ($8,000)
  • Grim ($4,400)
  • SyrsoN (CPT/$10,200) (Flex/$6,800)

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