Dead By Daylight: How to Counter Slugging


Dead in broad daylight is a deadly standoff between the survivors and the killers who hunt them. This basic contest is complicated by the presence of powers, perks, items, and add-ons that allow each character to explore different strategies to achieve their goals. The game has been around since 2016 and just keeps getting better.

Three deadly strategies in Dead in broad daylight are particularly powerful: tunneling, camping and slugging. Slugging is the practice of knocking down a survivor and leaving them on the ground instead of picking them up right away. This can be extremely effective and efficient for the Killer, but it’s not much fun for the Survivor, and it can seriously hurt the team’s chances of surviving. Here are some of the best ways to counter slugging.


How Slugging Affects Survivors

To combat slugging, it is important to understand why Killers slug. Slugging is done for several reasons. It creates pressure on the team by leaving a teammate unable to complete their objectives, pushes another teammate away from what they’re doing to pick up their defeated teammate, and increases the killer’s effectiveness by allowing them to pursue a new pursuit immediately instead of spending time carrying a Survivor to hook.

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While it’s nice to think that a teammate will be available to pick up the player when hit, that’s not always the case. Survivors usually cannot pick up a teammate if chased, and also often don’t leave a builder they are working on, for fear that its progress will be lost. In solo queue, this reality is particularly painful, as it can leave a Survivor knocked down for the entire match.

get up

You can’t always count on your teammates to get the player hit. Even when they wish, they are sometimes forced to leave by circumstances. For this reason, perks that allow the player to get back up without help from others are the best, against the most direct to the slugging. A few perks that allow players to get back up when hit.

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  • Unbreakable (Bill Level 40) is easily the best of these benefits. It increases ground recovery speed by 35% and gives the player the chance to get up once per try. Unbreakable has been in the meta for a long time due to its strength and reliability.
  • soul guard (Cheryl level 30) provides several beneficial effects, one of which is the ability to stand up as long as the player is cursed. Since it depends on the Killer having an active Hex Advantage to Curse the Survivor, Soul Guard isn’t as reliable as Unbreakable.
  • No Mither (David level 40) allows the player to recover faster and get back up an unlimited number of times. Unfortunately, this too inflicts the broken status effect, leaving the player injured for the entire try. This drawback is so severe that most players avoid No Mither.

Pick up your teammates

It’s important to be able to pick up teammates in case they get hit, which is common if a Killer uses this strategy. Technically, there are no special requirements to do so, because any Survivor – even without a medkit – can pick up a Survivor who gets hit. That said, a good medical kit can speed up this process considerably.

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Two perks are also notable for their anti-slugging value:

  • We will live forever (David level 35) grants a 100% speed boost when healing other survivors from the dying state, making it one of the best anti-slugging perks.
  • For the people (Zarina level 40) is also fantastic, as it allows the player to instantly heal another survivor through a health state. Unfortunately, this advantage comes at a price: it can only be used in good health, and it inflicts the broken status effect on the survivor who used it. This basically means he transfers the injury from the teammate to the player, leaving the player vulnerable if the killer finds him.

Use Evasive Build

Sometimes the counter strategy to slugging isn’t as simple as standing up or getting picked up quickly by a teammate. There are many cases where a more nuanced approach is preferable, or is the only possible answer. For this, an evasive anti-slugging construction can be the perfect counter.

Power struggle (Elodie level 40) allows the survivor to stun the killer with a nearby paddle when picked up. This means that a survivor who can crawl to a pallet once hit has a second chance to escape. Survivors crawl slowly, however, that’s where Tenacity (Tapp level 30) kicks in. This perk increases the speed at which the Survivor crawls by 50% and allows the player to recover while crawling.

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Because the survivor may not have recovered enough by the time the killer returns, Flip-Flop (Ash Level 30) is used to convert up to 50% of recovery progress to Wiggling progress when the survivor is recovered. These three perks combine to greatly increase the Survivor’s chances of reaching an unused paddle and throwing it at the killer, allowing them to recover from the dead state and escape.

The remaining perk slot can be filled with whatever the player prefers, although there is a strong argument to be made for Decisive Strike (Laurie level 40). This may give the Survivor another chance to Eclipse.

Dead in broad daylight is currently available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and Stadia.

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