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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The CPM is about to launch a massive counter-campaign following new allegations against Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and Secretary of State Kodiyeri Balakrishnan. The party said it would rally the masses to expose the political plot targeting Pinarayi and his family.

Elaborate political explanatory meetings, involving top leftist leaders, will be convened in the state. “The left will expose the conspiracy behind the new Swapna revelations and attempts to destabilize the government. The attempt to start riots will be fought by mobilizing the masses,” Kodiyeri said on Friday.

“We are ready to face whatever comes our way,” Kodiyeri said, in an obvious reference to the possibility that the Directorate of Enforcement (ED) will summon the CM for questioning. The CPM ruled out any possibility of Pinarayi leaving. Instead, the Secretary of State which met here on Friday decided to resist the political plot against the CM and his family.

CPM wants government to investigate ‘planned riots’ and conspiracy against CM

Kodiyeri called the allegations an organized attack on the CM and his family and part of a plot to get the CM to resign. He said the CPM wanted the government to investigate the plot. “The fact that attempts to incite riots took place the day after the allegations were made indicates that they were pre-planned. The plot aims to start riots and destabilize the government,” he said.

Following the new developments targeting Pinarayi, the CPM leadership foresees more serious developments in the future and prepares its defenses against such attacks, including the ED summoning the CM or his family members for questioning. Kodiyeri also said the BJP should realize that they gained nothing by taking on the smuggling case. “He only lost his mass base and his share of voice. Congress is indulging in political pauperism,” he said.

Kodiyeri said Swapna had lost credibility. “There are many discrepancies between his earlier and recent statements. Earlier she said that Sivasankar (former CM principal secretary) played a role in the smuggling but later backtracked. Also, she had said earlier that the CM was not involved in anything,” he said. “What’s new is the biryani and the pot. The previous allegation was that the gold was smuggled in dates. Later they said it was done through the Quran. Now it’s biryani and pots,” he said. On who could be behind Swapna, Kodiyeri said it shouldn’t just be the BJP.

The CPM Secretary of State also denied allegations that funds for the treatment of Pinarayi and himself had been transferred to the United States through Believer’s Church. He also said he had never seen Swapna and was hearing the name Shaj Kiran for the first time. “I went to the United States three times for treatment. The party paid my hospital bills. Not a single penny was taken elsewhere. It’s just another story made up like Kamala International,” Kodiyeri said, referring to an old allegation against Pinarayi.


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