Building cyber defense strategies to counter increasingly agile attacks


Threat actors are relying on new tools and techniques to improve the effectiveness of their attacks, which will require organizations to rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning in their cybersecurity strategies.

So says Derek Manky, Chief Security Strategist and VP Global Threat Intelligence at Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs, who joined CyberScoop in a recent interview to discuss the changing threat landscape over the past three months.

While there is increasing sophistication and more threats, Manky says FortiGuard Labs sees an agility factor, where threats, of entering a system and exfiltrating data, are occurring at a much faster rate. fast.

“But we are also seeing more destruction,” Manky says. “These are double extortion, triple extortion and targeted attacks.”

It details new techniques used by threat actors – such as defense evasion, erasing malware and firmware attacks – and how artificial intelligence and machine learning tools are essential to fight them.

Watch the full interview with Derek Manky and read more about the evolving threat landscape on the FortiGuard Labs blog. This video interview was produced by Scoop News Group and CyberScoop and syndicated by Fortinet


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