Black Lives Matter marcher and counter-protesters jailed after violence erupts at protest


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Widespread unrest erupted when members of the North East Frontline Patriots, Protect the Monument from Black Lives Matter and other groups, including HellsAngels and veterans, attended the protest in Newcastle in June 2020.

Newcastle Crown Court heard both groups say they were planning a ‘peaceful’ protest.

But prosecutor Jolyon Perks told the court around 2 p.m. that day that parts of the crowd turned hostile and violent and police, dogs and horses were injured along with members of the public.

Clockwise from top left: Darys Moore, Christopher Simpson, Usman Ogiden and Christopher Wood.

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Objects including glass bottles, metal cans and smoke grenades were thrown.

A Black Lives Matter marcher and three men involved in the counter-protest were jailed today for their part in the violence.

Student Usman Ogiden, from Hedgehope Road, Newcastle, who is in his second year of a q sports science degree at Twickenham, was at the event in support of Black Lives Matter and was seen inciting counter-protesters, se argue with police and throw bottle during trouble.

His lawyer Richard Bloomfield said a prison sentence could mean the 22-year-old could not complete his education and his involvement in the violence could have been due to “immaturity”.

Judge Robert Adams said Ogiden “incited, incited and escalated the violence” and sentenced him to 26 months behind bars.

Christopher Wood, 52, of Malvern Road, Lambton, Washington, threw a can at police, who narrowly missed an officer and ‘chanted’ then sang Rule Britannia and God Save the Queen as part of the counter-protest .

Defending Tom Bennett said Wood deeply regretted his behavior, which he himself called “stupid and moronic”.

The court heard he decided to join the counter-protest that day because he had been “irritated by reports in the media”.

Wood was imprisoned for 28 months.

Christopher Simpson, 50, of Cedar Road, Newcastle, works as a chef but had been made redundant at the time of the protest.

He threw a can during the violence.

Richard Bloomfield, defending, said Simpson had an “established family life” and had no other issues.

Judge Bindloss imprisoned Simpson for 29 months.

Darys Moore, 23, of Fern Close, Prudhoe, Northumberland, sentenced to two years, suspended for two years, with 200 hours of unpaid work and rehabilitation requirements.

He also threw a can after getting involved in the counter-protest.

Penny Hall, defending, said Moore had no plans to take part in a protest that day and had gone to Newcastle with friends.

Miss Hall added: “He identifies as black and more likely to be with the Black Lives Matter movement, had he been there for political and cultural reasons.

“He ended up on the wrong side.”


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