By Moses Oketayot

Following the Inspector General of Police’s directive last week to all regional police officers to ensure peace and security to all pilgrims traveling to Namugongo, the Atomic Energy Board, in partnership with Uganda Police Counter Terrorism Unit, organized training for the police. officers on the use of nuclear detectors, including inspecting machinery for the safety of pilgrims as they attend Martyrs’ Day celebrations this Friday.

Speaking to reporters following the Namugongo Martyr’s Shrine training, Atomic Energy Council Director General Deogratius Luwalira said the purpose of the training was to prepare officers to deal with any nuclear threat. during the Friday celebrations.

Luwalira further said that the training aims to provide refresher training to police officers regarding nuclear security measures and systems for major public events of which the martyr’s day is a part.


The training comes as Uganda prepares to celebrate Uganda Martyrs Day in Namugongo at Catholic and Anglican shrines on June 3.

He warned that malicious people who plan to use radioactive materials to disrupt this event will be arrested and prosecuted, and said the Council and the Ugandan Police have measures in place that will counter any abnormalities on the day.

He said the council had been working with the Ugandan police for five years when Pope Francis visited Uganda in November 2015, adding: “It started when the pope visited Uganda in 2015, it was that time we started to realize that for big public events there. is necessary to put in place nuclear security measures for the prevention, detection and reaction in the event of a radiological event involving a radioactive source

Luwalira said the training is offered to the police counter terrorism unit as they are the only ones capable of countering any nuclear related challenge.

He concluded that their role as the Atomic Energy Board is to provide a mobile expert support aspect. So in that regard, because this area is quite unique, you find that the jurisdiction over the management and regulation of radioactive sources in this country is vested in the Atomic Energy Board. So we came here to give the police the skills to manage radioactive sources, to manage the security of radioactive sources, what we call nuclear security, and to give them the skills and the skills to manage and implement measures.


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