Adm to counter all movements that attract young J&K to drugs: LG

Adm to counter all movements that attract young J&K to drugs: LG

New exams for SI, FAA, JE Civil will take place in October

Jammu Tawi, 01 Sep: Jammu and Kashmir Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha said on Thursday that any efforts to disrupt the peace and lure young people into drug addiction will be met with countermoves as security forces have engaged to thwart all attempts to push narcotics into J&K.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a reception in Jammu, the LG said that on the eve of August 15, it said its administration was committed to making J&K a drug-free place. “Any effort by (our neighbour) to push narcotics on this side will be met with a countermove. Security forces are engaged and working on multiple fronts, including foiling all offers to bring narcotics shipments into J&K,” he said, adding that “every action to disrupt the peace will object of an appropriate response.

The LG said that the three examinations of Jammu and Kashmir Police Sub-Inspectors, Financial Accounts Assistants (FAA) and JE Civil, which were recently canceled due to irregularities, will take place in the month October and that other vacancies will be filled within the next six to eight months.

The LG was speaking at the launch of a month-long campaign for Nasha Mukt Jammu Kashmir in Jammu. He said the administration will not tolerate any impropriety and those involved in the recruitment scam will not be spared.

“There was a time when jobs were sold in Jammu and Kashmir, but now that time is over. Only the merit and competence of young people will count,” he said.

He said some people are trying to revert to the old system and “put money into recruiting”.

“We have received complaints of irregularities in these examinations. There were doubts in people’s minds. A high-level committee was immediately formed to examine (the irregularities). All three exams were deemed questionable and canceled in no time. The investigation has been handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI),” Sinha said.

He said those who tried to gamble with young people’s careers by indulging in exam irregularities will not be spared and tough action will be taken against them under the law.

However, the Lieutenant Governor said he was aware of the problems faced by genuine candidates (due to the cancellation of the exams), but assured that those who have the ability will take the exams again. He announced that the three exams will take place in the month of October.

Additionally, the Lieutenant Governor said more vacancies in other departments will be advertised and filled over the next six to eight months..


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