Zelensky calls Bulgarian Prime Minister and discusses counteroffensive strategy against Russian troops


Struggling Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy held a constructive conversation with Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov on Saturday in which he briefed his counterpart on his country’s strategy to fight Russian aggression. The interaction came as the Russian invasion of the former Soviet state entered its second month, with Kremlin troops now focusing on freeing separatists held in the Donbass region. Bulgaria, which is also located along the Black Sea coast, has been hit by protests with locals saying ‘we could be next’.

The two leaders also discussed the critical humanitarian situation in Ukrainian towns and villages. “We must stop the humanitarian disaster together!” Zelenskyy wrote after the conversation. This comes as Mariupol continues to be pulverized by Russian artillery attacks. Meanwhile, Chernihiv residents fear the northern city could be “the next Mariupol”. “In the basements at night everyone is talking about one thing: Chernihiv will become (the) next Mariupol,” 38-year-old resident Ihar Kazmerchak, a linguistics scholar, told AP.

Biden calls for Putin’s impeachment

It comes as the Russian invasion of Ukraine has continued for more than a month, killing hundreds. Speaking in Warsaw, Biden called for the ousting of Russian President Vladimir Putin from power. “For the love of God, this man cannot stay in power,” he said. Since the Kremlin ordered the February 24 invasion of Ukraine, the White House has stepped up direct attacks on Putin and his motives, so much so that Biden has called the former a “war criminal” and a “dictator.” murderer”.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the US president was no one to decide the issue and that the controversy is Moscow’s internal affair. While the White House clarified that Biden’s comment was not a “call for regime change,” the Russian administration snubbed the concern and dismissed it as an internal matter. Kremlin troops continued their war of attrition, now focusing on liberating the Donbass region.

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