Ukraine among the first users of the DedronePortable counter-UAV system


Counter-drone specialist Dedrone is launching a new rapid-deployment DedronePortable detection, tracking and identification platform – an all-in-one unit that can also disrupt contact with the controller of intrusive devices or hostile weapons that the forces in Ukraine fighting the Russian invaders will soon use.

Dedrone says its new full-featured DedronePortable counter-UAV detection, tracking and identification (DTI) product integrates sophisticated machine learning technology and end-to-end defeat capabilities – all in an easily transportable system that can be configured and ready to use within 20 minutes. The platform is sold to militaries, government agencies and private companies around the world, and has already been purchased for deployment by forces in Ukraine.

DedronePortable’s one-stop-shop solution is equipped with a full range of anti-UAV technologies designed for rapid deployment in urban, rural, peacetime and warzone environments. The compact set of sensors, power, cables and rugged laptop comes preloaded with the DedroneTracker and Drone ID Database, DedroneDNA and other DTI resources.

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The company says DedronePortable can be used in tandem with its DroneDefender anti-UAV jam gun. This combination not only provides DTI of unauthorized or hostile craft, but can also deny and disrupt the radio frequency bands used by most commercial and military drones.

The approach is also effective on the GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, SBAS and QZSS geolocation bands to ensure that even military or DIY RC controllers as well as commercially available drones can be detected and mitigated.

Dedrone CEO Aaditya Devarakonda said the increased use of military and commercial drones for invasive, spy, antagonistic or even violent purposes around the world has made DTI and mitigation anti-UAV technology essential for defense corporate and state assets and personnel.

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Indeed, given the rapidly evolving deployment of consumer drones in military situations, Dedrone has made DedronePortable compatible with its additional drone spoofing capabilities to provide misleading information to enemy operators that can induce errors leading to their defeat.

“Fast-changing airspace security situations require easily transportable and operational counter-drone systems, and DedronePortable is designed to thrive in these choppy and/or temporary environments,” Devarakonda said. “With its robust equipment and constant technology updates, DedronePortable is poised to play a key role in current and future operations around the world.”

Given the successful and highly publicized use of consumer drones in Ukraine both by and against Russian invaders, Dedrone supported the country’s defensive forces in the use and adaptation of its anti-UAV technology during the war. These capabilities will soon be enhanced with DedronePortable deliveries to Ukrainian fighters.

“We worked closely with the Dedrone team and reverse-engineered the RF signature of the Russian Orlan-10 drones,” a Ukrainian military representative said in a statement announcing the release of DedronePortable. “We are currently setting up a sensor network to further improve our capabilities in the conflict zone. Dedrone has been a great agile partner to work with in real time.

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