Two women file counter-FIRs after a fight on a local train; tenuous


Two women were arrested by railway police and then taken into custody by a magistrates’ court on Friday, days after they got into a physical fight on a moving local train.

The women, a 34-year-old journalist from Badlapur and a 27-year-old from Neral who works as an IT assistant at the collector’s office, had filed cross-complaints of attempted murder against each other.

They were traveling in the first class compartment of a local train from Badlapur at around 7pm on January 12 when an argument broke out between them.

The 27-year-old, who entered the compartment at Ulhasnagar and was due to get off at Badlapur, alleged that the 34-year-old fell on her several times which led to an argument between them. She claimed to have been abused on several occasions and when she asked the 34-year-old to stop abusing her, they got into a physical fight.

“The 27-year-old alleged that the other woman tried to push her off a moving train. The 34-year-old also alleged that the 27-year-old tried to push her off the moving train We registered cases of attempted murder on both complaints and arrested them both,” said Valmik Shardul, Senior Inspector of Kalyan GRP.

The women were brought before a magistrate’s court on Friday and taken into custody. As the court cannot rule on bail in attempted murder cases, the women will have to remain in jail until their bail applications are presented in a court hearing next week.

Both are locked up by the police awaiting the results of their RT-PCR tests for Covid-19. If they test negative, they will be sent to prison.

The women regretted their action to register the FIRs and have now decided to withdraw the lawsuits against each other.

However, they will have to go to the High Court to have the FIR set aside, which will incur heavy legal costs.


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