Twitter users counter Lacson’s post-Manila Pen tweet

Tweet by Ping Lacson
Senator Ping Lacson (right) sits next to presidential rivals Norberto Gonzales (center) and Isko Moreno Domagoso (left) during a joint press conference at the Manila Peninsula Hotel in Makati on Sunday, April 17, 2022 He tweeted, calling Twitter critical users “trolls” after the event. (Reuters/Interaksyon overlay)

Sen. Ping Lacson called Twitter users ‘trolls’ following the high-profile press conference he attended alongside his presidential rivals Isko Moreno Domagoso and Norberto Gonzales around noon on Sunday, April 17, 2022.

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At a press conference, the three candidates claimed the vice-president’s campaign Leni Robredo asked them to leave the race due to their poor results in the preferential polls.

Lacson also slammed Robredo at the event, saying she was untrustworthy for proposing unification last year ahead of the campaign season, but she decided to run for the election herself. presidency. But Robredo previously said she failed to get along with Lacsonwho had wanted the latecomer to the survey among the opposition candidates to voluntarily withdraw halfway through the race.

Now Robredo, as leader of the opposition, is second in the polls, behind former senator Bongbong Marcos Jr., son of late dictator Ferdinand. Domagoso, Lacson and Gonzales, meanwhile, ranked third, fifth and last of the 10 presidential candidates, respectively.

At press time, there were more than 3,000 mostly negative replies and tweet quotes to Lacson’s tweet.

Many replies denounced Lacson’s use of the term “trolls” to refer to critical voices on the microblogging platform. They argued that they weren’t just social media users hiding in anonymity, but real people.

Others, mostly Robredo supporters, pointed to Lacson’s propensity to block Twitter users he disagrees with.

One of them even “predicted” the senator’s behavior on Twitter during the press conference before he published.

What is a troll?

The term “trollingis Internet slang originally referring to a “fishing technique where multiple lines of bait are dragged behind a boat to lure and catch fish,” according to an instructional video from the educational website. Global GCF.

He added :

“With online trolling, there is always bait involved, but instead of catching fish, the goal is to catch you. A troll is someone who makes antagonistic remarks online in an attempt to provoke and upset others. Sometimes it can be lighthearted, and other times it can be downright nasty.

No matter where they are on the spectrum, you can think of a troll as the person who waves the bait, and we are the fish who bite too often.

Trolls are not necessarily fake accounts to benefit one politician, party, or cause by posting criticism or misinformation against another.

trolling behaviorhowever, more often involves using an anonymous account with a name and profile photo that “does not reflect the real identity” of the person behind it to avoid “real life consequences”.

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