Tipping Point fans call for show revamp after counter fails


Tipping Point viewers said they would like to see a shake-up when it comes to drop zones.

The series – which is hosted by Ben Shephard – sees contestants answer questions to earn counters, which are then inserted into a massive arcade-style coin pushing machine.

The machine currently has four drop zones, but eagle-eyed fans claim they’ve figured out the counters fare better in just two of the zones.

Some have now suggested that the game show hopefuls only use the best two areas.

The idea came on Twitter during Wednesday’s episode of the popular ITV show.

Fans Think Certain Drop Zones Work Better

“Always put the jackpot meter at 1 or 4,” one fan suggested, adding, “Then you don’t have this ******* of having to change zones.”

Another tweeted, “Did these people never watch before. You should choose Z1 or 4.”

When it went wrong for a contestant, one viewer tweeted, “That’s why you don’t pick 2 or 3, you can easily get pushed into other areas.”

“And that’s why 1 and 4 are the preferable zones,” said another.

Ben Shepard
Ben hosts the show

One posted: “Never drop the jackpot counter by 2 or 3, always 1 or 4….”

One fan had another redesign idea, posting, “Why can’t we have a new format where you can save your counters and put two at a time? Ask a friend.”

The episode saw contestant Emelia beat her opponents in an attempt to win big bucks.

She proved popular with viewers, although a few people took issue with her interrupting Ben with an answer before he had finished reading the question on more than one occasion.

A slip saw her answer “Paris” instead of “France” because she hadn’t listened to the end.

Emelia on the tipping point
Emelia jumped the gun on some issues

After it happened the first time, one viewer tweeted, “You could have at least waited for Ben to finish the question, Emelia.”

“Listen to the whole question,” suggested another.

When she got the answer wrong, a fan posted, “No Emilia, it wasn’t bad luck, your timing was SHIT!”

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