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The International Energy Agency has launched a guide with the European Commission outlining steps to reduce energy consumption, which could save a typical household €450 (£375) a year.

It comes as EU countries scramble to cut energy ties with Russia after it invaded Ukraine in February.

All members of the European Union have pledged to stop Russian fuel by 2027, but currently remain dependent on its 26% oil imports and 40% of its gas imports.

However, German Energy Minister Christian Lindner said on Wednesday that it would be impossible to stop oil imports immediately.

Europe has said it cannot find alternative supplies at present, so it is instead asking citizens to adapt their lifestyle.

In the guide, which was published on Thursday, the Paris-based AIE recommended EU citizens work from home when possible, use bicycles, public transport, share cars, d avoid driving on Sundays and walking more.

It also calls on countries to adopt car-free Sundays, which some are already doing.

If Europeans follow the guide, the IEA said they could save around €450 a year based on the average energy bills of a typical household.

Predictions will vary from household to household, however, depending on the car they drive and the property they live in.

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Fatih Birol, IEA Executive Director, said: “In the face of the horrific scenes of human suffering we have seen after Russia invaded Ukraine, Europeans want to act.

“This guide contains easy-to-follow steps that, with little or no discomfort on our part, can reduce the flow of money to the Russian military and help put us on the path to a cleaner planet. more sustainable.”

According to the guide, lowering the thermostat by 1C could save a household 70 euros on their heating bill and driving an average of 10 km/h slower on the motorways could save an additional 60 euros per year on costs. fuel.

The IEA said if all residents of the 27 EU countries followed the measures set out in the guide, it could save 220 million barrels of oil a year and 17 billion cubic meters of gas.

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Eamon Ryan, Ireland’s Environment Minister, said: ‘It’s very hard not to come across as someone telling the citizen what to do, or seen as a mean, Scrooge-like character.

Austria has so far reduced all public transport fares to three euros a day and introduced a scheme to help low-income families replace old devices.

Meanwhile, Italy announced on Wednesday that it would impose air conditioning temperature limits for public buildings.

Currently, the EU imports 155 billion cubic meters of Russian gas per year.

But if the EU stops importing energy or Moscow cuts gas supplies, tougher measures would be needed to reduce fuel consumption, including plant closures and possible energy rationing. .


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