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The row of NEET-PG advice from Kaloji Narayana Rao University of Health Sciences (KNRUHS) has become even more confusing. The students complained and even approached the legal authorities about it. And after the students is now the Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr B Karunakar Reddy had held a press conference at the Directorate of Public Health (DPH) office in Koti, Hyderabad on Friday, April 22 , to discuss business .

The university is currently facing two different problems. The first concerns the alleged blocking of 45 PG Medical seats by high-ranking students. This problem has been going on for over a month now. And the second issue is deserving students who have lost their eligibility to appear for further MCC (Medical Counseling Committee) counseling. This issue started on March 31, 2022, when the AIQ sweep cycle was announced for NEET-PG Counselling, 2021.

Regarding the issue of blocked seats, the KNRUHS VC said that no seats have been lost for students and the university is trying to resolve the issue. The VC said the suspected students were asked to appear on a specific date with their original certificates, after court orders were issued to the university to enroll the students. But two of those students said they did not approach the court.

While confusion still reigns over this, Dr. Harshika, a young KNRUHS doctor, said the seats were indeed blocked. “Clearly they had blocked the seats,” she says and adds, “Now they’re just trying to get sympathy from the media.” She also says that sooner or later the matter will come to light.

Then, talking about the other incident of students losing their eligibility to participate in other NEET-PG counseling cycles, she airs her grievances. Dr. Harshika is one of many to have been granted a seat in the State Round-2 Counseling of NEET-PG 2021. However, they allege that KNRUHS asked them to appear for the NEET-PG AIQ Mop-Up Round at because of which they lost their seats. And later, when the All India Mop-Up was overturned by the Supreme Court over quota issues, these students were in deep trouble. They could neither recover their secure seats nor participate in further counseling sessions.

Speaking on the issue at Friday’s press conference, the VC said the students had disregarded the MCC advisory warning students who won seats in the State Round against participating. in the All India Mop-Up Round. Dr. Harshika, however, is miffed by the VC’s words and says, “There were a hundred mistakes in his speech that I could point out. He said the students did not follow MCC’s advice. But the MCC Advisory is not just for students. It is addressed to the Council of State, to the authorities and to the DME (Director of Medical Education) as well. But they are the ones who ignored him and allowed us to participate in the AIQ’s sweep. In an earlier interview, Dr. Harshika and fellow junior doctor Abhinav G said the university actually encouraged them to give up their seats and stand for the All-India Round.

“He’s lying now,” claims Dr Harshika, contradicting what the VC said at yesterday’s conference. “They don’t want to give us the seats,” she adds. These junior doctors argued with KNRUHS to get their secure seats back, but the university showed no compliance with these demands and also decided to conduct a round of state cleaning. When asked his opinion on why the university seemed reluctant to offer them places, Dr Harshika said: “The more places there are vacancies, the more places it (the VC) can sell. It’s that simple.”


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