Sketched plan to counter the overcharging of bus fares



Traffic police have finalized measures to counter the practice of overloading passengers on buses ahead of the upcoming Eid holiday.

Citizens, especially workers and students, leave the city during the Eid holiday to celebrate with their loved ones in their towns and villages.

Carriers and bus drivers are taking advantage of the increased number of passengers to earn money. Not only are commuters overloaded, but they are forced to travel in dangerous conditions, such as sitting on the roof, standing inside the bus, or sitting on makeshift seats.

Overloading is exploitative, as it not only causes travel inconvenience, but also poses risks to the lives of thousands of people.

Lahore City Traffic Police (CTPL) has announced a crackdown on overloading and overloading by carriers during the Eid holiday.

Lily Carriers create an artificial shortage

Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Lahore Muntazir Mehdi said a comprehensive plan has been devised this year to put an end to it. He announced the deployment of at least 84 guards at 10 major bus stations, including Lorry Ada, Badami Bagh, Babu Sabu and Niazi Chowk, among others.

CTPL has also instructed carriers to stick fare details in a prominent place in the vehicle. “These overbillings of the poor public deserve no concessions,” Mehdi added.

Mehdi ordered all the officers in the circle to hold a meeting with transporters in their respective areas and announced that vehicles found involved in overloading or overloading would be seized. Mehdi added that additional officers have been deployed at the entry and exit points of the city. He also asked the public to call Police Helpline 15 for assistance or complaints.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 28and2022.


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