Sheena Bora ‘indeed dead’: CBI contradicts Indrani Mukerjea’s claims


Denying Indrani Mukerjea’s claims, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) said on Friday there was “sufficient evidence” to confirm that “Sheena Bora is indeed dead”.

The central investigative agency has filed its response to a petition filed by Indrani Mukerjea, the mother of Sheena Bora and defendant in her murder case, in a special court in Mumbai.

Indrani Mukerjea claims Sheena Bora is alive

In his application, Indrani Mukerjea claimed that his daughter was still alive and had last been spotted in Srinagar by a fellow prisoner – a police inspector – who was willing to take her statement to the authorities.

In his letter to CBI Co-Director on November 27, 2021, Indrani Mukerjea wrote that Mumbai Police Inspector Asha Korke, arrested for extortion and his fellow inmate at Byculla Jail in Mumbai, claimed to have met Sheena Bora last June near Dal Lake in Srinagar.

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Having received no response from the co-director, Indrani Mukerjea approached the court through his lawyer, Sana Raees Khan.

According to Indrani Mukerjea’s handwritten plea in court, Korke tried to reason with “Sheena” when she bumped into her and said she should come forward since she is alive and help her mother who is languishing in jail.

However, Sheena rejected the advice of the now incarcerated police officer and said she did not want to return to her old life and fled on a motorbike with a man, the plea added.

CBI denies Indrani Mukerjea’s claims

The investigative agency rejected Indrani Mukerjea’s claims in its response, saying the defendant’s claim was not admissible and should be dismissed.

The CBI, in its response, said the evidence gathered by investigators only confirms that Sheena Bora cannot be alive.

“DNA samples of skeletal remains found in Raigad region of Maharashtra matched those of Mukerjea and Bora, proving that Sheena Bora died in 2012,” the agency said.

With the agency filing its response, the CBI Special Tribunal will hear arguments from both sides next month to decide the matter.

The Sheena Bora Murder Case

Indrani Mukerjea was the first to be arrested in the Sheena Bora murder case, which came to light in 2015 – three years after the alleged murder.

According to the CBI, Indrani Mukerjea had strangled his daughter Sheena in his car and dumped the body in the jungle in the Pen area of ​​Raigad district in 2012. It took authorities three years to solve the case although the skeleton had been found since identification of the remains could not be made.

But in 2015, Indrani Mukerjea’s driver Shyamvar Rai – arrested by Mumbai police in a separate incident – allegedly let the whole matter slip during questioning.

He claimed to have witnessed the crime. After Mukerjea’s arrest, her two former husbands were also taken into custody for conspiracy and complicity in crime.


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