Rocket EMS Equips New Nevada Facility With XQuik II Plus Meter


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VJ Electronix, Inc., the leader in rework technologies and global provider of advanced X-ray inspection and component counting systems, is pleased to announce that Rocket EMS, Inc. has installed its second XQuik II component counter More. When the company acquired its new 50,000 square foot factory in Carson City, Nevada, it made the decision to outfit it with the award-winning X Quick II Plus. Rocket EMS now operates an X Quik II at its new facility in Carson City as well as at its headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley.

“Working in a fast-paced environment like Rocket EMS is never an easy task to do alone,” said Geenno Fontanilla.

Director of Engineering at Rocket EMS. “That’s why we rely on partnerships with equipment vendors like VJ Electronix to provide us with technologically advanced equipment. The XQuick II Plus has been a workhorse in our receiving and warehousing departments at our Nevada and California locations. As we move forward with integrating this into our MES Voyager 2.0 system, our customers will soon have component level visibility to ensure the accuracy and traceability of their materials on demand.

The VJ Electronix XQuik II Plus is the solution to today’s demanding component counting requirements. With a cycle time of less than 20 seconds (for single-reel and four-reel counts), the XQuik II Plus is designed for operational simplicity and automation flexibility. It is easily configurable to communicate with any existing MES inventory control system and a sample interface and step-by-step instructions are provided to the customer’s IT team for quick customization to their needs. specific.

Rocket EMS, founded in January 2011, is a Santa Clara, California-based electronics manufacturing services (EMS) company serving fast-growing high-tech companies. The company is uniquely positioned to meet the very high demands of New Product Introduction (NPI) manufacturing and testing. Rocket is a one-stop partner, specializing in high-speed (24-48 hour) printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing, design and complementary services.

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