Presidential term limits are counterproductive; throw it! – Konadu Apraku


Dr Kofi Konadu Apraku would be a hopeful NPP standard bearer

Economist and former MP for Offinso North Constituency in Ashanti Region, Dr. Kofi Konadu Apraku, is advocating for the removal of presidential term limits.

He observed that it is rather unfortunate that this phenomenon is unique to developing countries where citizens are still of the view that after two terms a government in power should pave the way for opposition.

“Unfortunately, we in developing countries believe that any government that comes in has to go through two terms and make way for a new administration. If the government comes and they are doing well, why are you changing a winning team,” he asked on Kumasi-based Angel Fm.

He argued that there is no need to change the government if the one in power performs well and effectively fulfills its mandate to the citizens.

“What are we looking for in all this? It’s development so why are you going to change such an administration especially when you had the opportunity to compare the performance of two administrations at a given period of time. So we have enough evidence, enough foundation that few challenges could have explained some things, but given the chance, we could do better.

“In nuclear power plants, when there are challenges and things don’t go to plan, that’s not what we should be judged on. Our performance and track record over time has sent a strong signal that we are the only ones who can effectively govern this country well,” he revealed.

The NPP standard bearer noted that despite the short-term difficulties, the party must focus on improving the lives of Ghanaians in the long term, all things being equal.

“Ghanaians need to be patient. In the long term, Ghana is on the right track. I have heard a lot of complaints, some of which are legitimate,” he added.


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